McKinley Meets With EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Washington, D.C.– Chairman of the Congressional Coal Caucus, David B. McKinley, P.E., (WV-1) met with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to discuss ways to protect the environment while stopping the bureaucratic overreach that devastated the coal industry during the Obama administration.

“Over the last eight years the EPA has irresponsibly led an unrelenting assault on the coal industry through painful regulations that have sent thousands of hardworking West Virginians to the unemployment line. Fortunately, the agency finally has an Administrator who understands how irresponsible and reckless these rules have been,” said Congressman McKinley. 

“In our conversation Administrator Pruitt made it clear that he will lead an EPA that will provide regulatory certainty and stops picking winners and losers. We can protect our land, air, and water, without harming our economy or punishing our workforce, and I look forward to working with him and other members of the Trump administration to achieve these goals,” McKinley said.

“I want to thank Congressman McKinley for his great leadership not only for his constituents in West Virginia but for leading the Congressional Coal Caucus. As I told the Congressman in our meeting, America can be both pro-energy and pro-environment. We can be pro-growth and also enjoy clean, healthy air and water at the same time,” EPA Administrator Pruitt said.