Back to School

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the WVU football season, with the Mountaineers taking on Alabama’s Crimson Tide in Georgia. This month also marks the beginning of school for West Virginia’s public schools, with students, parents, and teachers gearing up for another year.

This year is also exciting as the West Virginia Parent Training and Information, Inc. has been awarded a Department of Education grant in the amount of $200,000. The West Virginia Parent Training and Information Center, Inc are dedicated to helping parents of children with disabilities, through the concept of parents helping parents. This grant will help them make a difference in the lives of infants, toddlers, children, and young adults with disabilities across West Virginia.

The purpose of the Training and Information for Parents of Children with Disabilities Programis to ensure that parents of children with disabilities receive training and information to help improve results for their children. All services to parents and families from the West Virginia Parent Training and Information, Inc. are free and are available across the state.


Meeting with Community Health Center

The August work period continued this week with a stop at CHANGE, Inc. in Weirtonwhere we discussed the work the organization is doing in the community.

CHANGE, Inc. is a community organization that provides a variety of services, including health care and housing assistance, to disadvantaged families. The group also has programs for veterans and victims of domestic abuse.

Organizations like CHANGE, Inc. play a vital role in communities across West Virginia. Their work gives hope to families who are struggling, and ensures they have a place to turn for help.

Community health centers serve thousands of patients, many of whom are low-income and might not otherwise have access to care. They provide a wide range of care, from preventative measures to dental work, to local families regardless of their ability to pay.

It’s important that we recognize the role community health centers play in providing care to those who need it most, and work together to support their mission.


Finding Solutions for the Pulp Mill Bottom Diversion Dike

During my travels this week, I went to Parsons to inspect the Pulp Mill Bottom Diversion Dike. This dike is designed to deflect the flow of high velocity flood water back into the local stream channel as opposed to letting it run through the heart of the city. The dike goes a long way to limit potential flood damage to the local area. So when officials discovered a hole in the dike earlier this year, it became imperative that agencies work together to ensure the damage is repaired and the residents are safe.

That is why I met with local county officials about possible options the city has for repairing the damage. My office is currently working to bring all concerned parties together so we can find a solution and provide relief to the citizens in Parsons.


Keeping the Lights On

This week several staff from my Washington office traveled to Grafton to go underground at Arch Coal, Inc.’s Leer Mine, to learn firsthand about the work of our coal miners. The coal industry is currently under attack from the Obama Administration and the EPA’s war on coal. At a time when millions of Americans are out of work and families are struggling, we need to work for common sense legislation to keep American working.

During my time in Congress I have been a strong proponent and the voice for West Virginia coal. Coal is our state’s lifeblood, and this war on coal must stop. This tour helped give my staff a brand new appreciation for the job our coal miners do to keep the lights on. We will continue to work to preserve our coal jobs and protect our industry.


Constituent Meetings

Throughout August I have been traveling around the First District meeting with constituents and visiting local businesses. So far I have held 34 meetings in 10 counties. I will be continuing holding meetings in the First District next week. Keep an eye out, I may be visiting your town.

If you are ever in the Washington D.C. office please drop in and say hello. If you want an appointment just give my office a call at 202-225-4172, or submit a request on my website at www.mckinley.house.gov.

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