Stop IRS Targeting:

This week, the House passed H.R. 3685, the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS.

The bill prohibits the amending of the current Internal Revenue Service(IRS)rules or regulations for the purpose of targeting political speech.

The IRS has not amended the rule relating to 501(c4)organizations since 1959.  Officials in the IRS have publically admitted that the applications of conservative groups were being improperly scrutinized.  For example, tax-exempt status applications of groups with the names “tea party” or “patriots” were specifically stalled by the IRS.  After this targeting has come to light, the Obama Administration proposed a rule change.

The lack of leadership in the Administration has led to a lack of trust in Washington. The IRS scandal adds to the list of cover ups and scandals like Benghazi and the AP and Fox News being wire tapped. Amidst all the political talking points, the job of Congress is to discover the truth. Congress will continue to dig deeper into the IRS scandal and others to find the truth. 

Affordable Energy for All:

On Thursday in the Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing, I questioned panelists on how coal and gas can be used to help third world countries. I believe that we need cheap and dependable energy access to all third world countries. In some third world countries households only have power for three hours a day. We need to stop focusing on reducing carbon emissions in third world countries and instead focus on getting dependable access to energy. If we continue to take measures to deny them access to cheap energy it will prolong the impoverished state.   

To watch me question panelists during the hearing, click here.

Further Studies from CDC after Chemical Spill:

The entire West Virginia delegation sent a letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)to urge health officials to conduct further studies on the effects of the January 9th chemical spill in the Elk River. The West Virginia Congressional Delegation wrote the letter in support of Governor Tomblin’s request for additional studies, population surveillance, and monitoring.

Learning About Middle East First Hand:

Last week, I and other Members of Congress took a trip to Israel for a Congressional fact-finding mission. I had the opportunity to visit and learn more about the Iron Dome and visit the city of Sderot. Sderot is the closet city to Gaza and has had more than 12,000 rockets fired at the city since the disengagement from Gaza.

In addition, we visited Holy sites like the Temple Mount. The visit was an opportunity to witness the plight of Jews who are banned from praying in their Holiest site.

Finally, our group had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Constituent Meetings:

This week, I met a number of constituent groups, including rare disease advocates, the President of Alderson Broaddus University, and members representing the National Hemophilia Foundation. Members of the Black Lung Association met with me to discuss current issues facing people with Black Lung.

If you are ever in the Washington D.C. office please drop in and say hello. If you want an appointment just give my office a call at 202-225-4172.

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