Protecting Jobs by Reining In EPA Overregulation:

This week, the Energy and Power Subcommittee advanced legislation to protect jobs and stop the EPA from shutting down coal-fired power plants and preventing new ones from being built. As an original co-sponsor of the legislation, I am proud to support this bipartisan bill.

The most recent jobs report shows that a record 92 million Americans are not in the workforce. For every job created in December, 5 people left the workforce. Yet, the Obama Administration continues to green light regulations that are killing our economy.

Numerous business leaders have told us that excessive regulations are holding back job growth and creating uncertainty.  People no longer feel confident about their economic future in this sluggish economy. The Obama Administration is failing to listen and continues to bypass Congress with additional costly and unnecessary regulations.

To watch Rep. McKinley’s remarks in the Subcommittee, click here and here.

Funding Bill Continues Progress on Reducing Spending:

This week, the House passeda bill(H.R. 3547)to fund the Federal Government through the end of September 2014. It was not a perfect bill but contains good news for rural America and avoids another government shutdown. 

Spending is lower now than when President Obama first took office. As you can see below, we’re making progress on reducing spending, but there’s still a lot more to be done.


Adopting a budget for the first time since the President took office puts spending priorities back in the control of Congress rather than at the discretion of the President. Congress can now focus on rooting out government waste and abuse and meet our priority of cutting the deficit.

Some of the Highlights of the Funding Bill:

  • No new funding for Obamacare:Reduces “slush funds” by $1 billion; and cuts $10 billion in funding for the Independent Payment Advisory Board(IPAB)created by Obamacare.
  • Provides an additional $132 million above President Obama’s request for fossil fuel research and development at the National Energy Technology Laboratory(NETL)in Morgantown(for a total of $562 million).
  • Reduces EPA funding by $2.1 billion by scaling back regulatory overreach while enhancing oversight on climate change programs and the mining permit process.
  • Includes a military retiree pension “fix” to ensure medically retired servicemembers and surviving families receive the full benefits they are due.
  • Prevents the Export-Import Bank and the Overseas Private Investment Corp. from prohibiting funding for international coal plant projects.

After voting against the budget proposal in December, the Committee listened to our objections and reworked this bill making it more acceptable. It provides needed funds our community and makes targeted cuts to broken programs. This proves Congress can come together to get the work done the American public elected us to do.

Victory for local Volunteer Firefighters:

Late last Friday, the Treasury Department announced volunteer firefighters and first responders would not be subject to the Obamacare employer mandate, which would have forced many fire departments to close.


This is great news for the millions of people in America who rely on volunteer fire and emergency providers. Due to pressure from Congress and the public, the Obama Administration backed down from their initial stance.  We are glad they listened.  Thank you to the volunteer firefighters in our district who brought this to our attention and helped raise awareness of the problem.”

Next Week:

In the coming week, I’ll be visiting Ohio, Wetzel, Monongalia, Marion, and Harrison counties. We have meetings planned with veterans, business owners, elected officials, volunteer firefighters, and more. It will be a very busy week, but listening to concerns of constituents helps me better serve the people of West Virginia. I want to hear from you on what issues we need to focus on. Please call my office at(202)225-4172 to voice your concerns.

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