Protecting Military Retirees From Benefits Cuts:

Congress should not be trying to cut spending on the backs of those who served and sacrificed for our country. A provision in the recent budget deal penalizes some military retirees and disabled veterans by cutting their cost of living increases. This is one of the reasons I voted against the budget agreement. This week members of the VFW Post in Clarksburg met with me to discuss the impact the recent budget deal will have on veterans.

To fix this problem I have co-sponsored three bills(H.R. 3788, 3789, 3790)that would reverse these cuts in the cost of living adjustments for military retirees.

  • H.R. 3788: Replaces the decrease in cost-of-living increases for military retirees with a requirement that anyone who claims a child tax credit must themselves provide a valid social security number. The Joint Economic Committee projects this will save almost $8 billion.
  • H.R. 3789: Exempts the retired pay of disabled veterans from the reduced adjustment of retired pay and retainer pay amounts for retired members of the Armed Forces under age 62.
  • H.R. 3790: Fully repeals the annual adjustment of retired pay and retainer pay amounts for retired members of the Armed Forces under age 62.

It's not fair to penalize men and women who have spent their life working to defend America when there is billions in waste, fraud, and duplication that can be found elsewhere.

Volunteer Firefighters Are Facing an Unfair Obamacare Mandate:

This week I had the opportunity to meet with members of the Pleasant Valley volunteer fire department and representatives from several other departments from Monongalia, Marion, and Harrison Counties. At the meeting we discussed the unfair impact Obamacare will have on local volunteer firefighters.

Small towns and rural areas across America rely on volunteer first responders to provide vital lifesaving services. In West Virginia, 95 percent of all fire departments are staffed by volunteers. When we learned that these volunteer departments are being subjected to the employer mandate under the health care law, we took action and cosponsored the Protecting Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Responders Act(H.R. 3685)which would exempt volunteer firefighters and emergency medical providers.

At the roundtable, we learned that dozens of volunteer departments across West Virginia would be impacted by this mandate and none of them will be able to afford it. It could lead to many volunteer fire departments dissolving, which would lead to a dangerous lack of fire and EMS services in many areas. We can't let this happen. Congress and the Obama Administration must act.  

2013 By the Numbers:

As the year comes to a close I want to share a few facts and figures about what we have accomplished this year:

  • Over the course of the year my office has sent out just under 54,000 emails and letters in response to constituents.
  • We have introduced 29 bills for consideration by the House.
  • In addition to the bills introduced, we had 7 amendments passed either in committee or on the House floor.
  • My top legislative priority, the Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act, passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support in July on a 265-155 vote.
  • In the First District, we have held 211 meetings and events in all 20 counties.
  • We organized 64 town halls and roundtables with veterans, seniors, small business owners, local officials, health care providers, and more.

On the wall in our office is a vision statement my staff and I live by: "...to help the citizens of West Virginia achieve the highest quality of life." In the next year we will continue to provide the best service possible for the people of the First District.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


David B. McKinley P.E.

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