Keep Your Health Plan:

This week the House voted on the “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013,” a bipartisan bill to allow individuals to keep their health plan.  The bipartisan bill overwhelmingly passed the House 261 to 157, with 39 House Democrats supporting it.

Click on the image below to watch my speech on the House floor concerning this bill.

A New Day for West Virginia:

It was announced this week that an ethane cracker facility is planning to locate in Wood County. This is great news for Wood County and the entire state of West Virginia. The thousands of jobs and billions in investment that will result from this project will transform our state’s economy for decades to come.

West Virginia is blessed with an abundance of natural gas and it is vital that we take full advantage of this resource. Rather than producing the gas here and shipping it elsewhere, we will now be able to benefit from industries that need it. This proposed facility is only the first foothold. There will be thousands of more good jobs that will locate here around a cracker. For the hardworking people of Wood County and the surrounding area this is a great day and sign of good things to come.

Stand Up for American Jobs:

On Tuesday, I participated in a press conference to bring attention to the bipartisan legislation I sponsored to keep and protect U.S. jobs from being shipped overseas. This legislation will ensure taxpayer dollars do not go to companies who out source call center jobs

Click on the image below to watch the video.

Over the past five years nearly 500,000 American call center jobs have been lost across the country. This has touched close to home here in the First District with the recent layoffs of hundreds at the Teletech facility in Moundsville. We need to prevent these closures from happening while incentivizing companies to bring jobs back to America.

Under this legislation, companies that send U.S. call center jobs overseas would be barred from receiving federal loans, grants or subsidies. The bill also requires that a list of companies that send call center jobs off shore be made available to the public and addresses data security issues that leave Americans’ personal information at risk.

Fighting Back Against the EPA:  

On Thursday, I had the chance to question officials with the EPA and other experts on the proposed job-killing regulations which will effectively stop any new coal-fired plants from being built.

Click on the image below to watch the video.

Regulations based on ideology and imposing standards on coal plants that the EPA admits can’t be achieved is not fair. The EPA is moving forward with regulations that will eventually remove the largest source of America’s electricity. This will lead to higher electricity costs for millions and thousands of lost jobs. The proposed greenhouse gas standards for new power plants may well be the most damaging regulations yet in the agency's all-out attack on our nation's most affordable, reliable energy source which is why we need to continue this fight.

District Work Week:

During the last week and a half, I attended 22 meetings in five different counties across the district in towns from Parkersburg to Kingwood.  I spent time with local constituents, elected officials, small business owners, and veterans to hear what I can do in Washington to better serve the people of West Virginia.

On Veterans Day, I visited Wood County and had the opportunity to meet with a large group of veterans to discuss the impacts of Obamacare, issues with the VA, and a number of other important problems veterans in West Virginia are currently facing.

Later in November, I look forward to having more meetings with local constituents and sit down and discuss what I can do to continue to better serve the people of West Virginia.

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