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Recent Events


Vowing to continue to fight for West Virginians in his second term:

Rep. McKinley, along with his wife Mary, participates in a ceremonial swearing in at the Federal Courthouse in Wheeling by Judge John Bailey as his family, friends and constituents look on. 

To read more about the ceremony, click here.


The long overdue decoration of a West Virginia hero:

Rep. McKinley presents three medals to Vietnam Veteran U.S.. Army Lt. George Davis of Fairmont, W.Va. The three medals include the Overseas Service and Ribbon, Expert Badge and Pistol Bar and the Korea Defense Service Medal. The ceremony took place at the Fairmont VFW. 


Conducting numerous meetings in the District to discuss issues important to West Virginians:

In January and February, Rep. McKinley conducted 16 roundtable meetings with veterans, seniors, small business owners, health care professionals and educators, among others. 

Rep. McKinley also conducted three separate meetings with state and local elected officials in the First District to discuss ways to work together for the good of West Virginia.



Showcasing products made in West Virginia's First District to the nation:

Rep. McKinley and Beri Fox of Marble King in Tyler County, W.Va., stand in front of her company's products at this Manufacturing Showcase on Capitol Hill. Marble King was one of a handful of products made in the First District showcased at this event on Capitol Hill. Other products featured were from Eagle Manufacturing in Brooke County and Homer Laughlin China in Hancock County.


Meeting constituents who work hard to keep America running:

Coal miners at Sentinel Mine in Phillipi, W.Va. talk with Rep. McKinley about issues and legislation concerning them in Congress. This was during their shift change at the mine in Barbour County.


In the News


Rep. McKinley taking on the national issues that affect you and your family

McKinley: Stop Playing Political Games and Find a Solution to Sequestration:

“The House did its part and acted months ago to replace the across-the-board cuts with targeted reductions. After fifteen months of doing nothing, today the Senate failed to find a solution in the final hours. This is disappointing, but frankly not surprising.”

“While the House offered a serious plan to cut spending and reduce the deficit, the Senate Democrats’ plan actually increased the deficit with more spending. That is a political stunt not a realistic alternative.”

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Wheeling Intelligencer: to read article, click here.

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Parkersburg News and Sentinel: to read article, click here.


Rep. McKinley's reaction to the President's gun control proposal:

“Limiting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens will not change the behavior of those determined to use firearms to commit horrific crimes. The President chooses to ignore this while abusing executive power and avoiding the legislative process.”

To read more, click here.


2013 State of the Union Address.

"Families throughout the First District and across America are still hurting. The 23 million Americans who are unemployed or under-employed are looking for a glimmer of hope, and the jury is out whether President's remarks tonight will give them that hope."

To read and hear more of Rep. McKinley's response, click here.


The non-partisan GAO released a report finding that "absent policy changes, the federal government continues to face an unsustainable fiscal path."

"This should be a wakeup call to all our Congressional leaders as we continue to operate without a budget, and flirt with financial disaster. This audit of the government is straight forward: until we cut spending and deal with the more than $16 trillion debt, our economy continues to face stagnant growth." 

"This report makes it clear—the federal government needs to get its house in order. Businesses and families can’t function like this and the government shouldn't’t either. It’s time to take action and get our spending under control." 

To read more, click here.


Recent votes and Legislative work


Fighting the war on coal for West Virginia's hard-working coal miners:


“EPA took the unprecedented action of revoking a permit at the Spruce No. 1 Mine, which had been issued years prior, which sent a chilling effect throughout the American economy. If EPA can retroactively pull a permit at a coal mine, what’s to stop them from doing so at any construction site or manufacturing plant?"

To read more, click here.


Rep. McKinley continues to stand-up for hard-working families and businesses by fighting proposed EPA regulations:

"A carbon tax would increase the cost of everything from driving a car to heating and cooling a home. It would be especially burdensome on middle class American and prevent our economy from recovering. Raising taxes on everyone from manufacturers to homeowners is not the way to improve our economy and Congress should reject this idea."

"Given our current economic climate, this is the worst time to implement another tax on coal, oil and gas—industries that fuel our economy. Affordable and abundant electricity from coal and natural gas is essential to our way of living and a carbon tax would increase the cost of electricity, putting a financial burden on American families."

To read more, click here.


House passes the "No Budget, No Pay Act":

"For the past four years, the Senate has failed to pass a budget while we continue to accumulate debt. This bill will break this cycle of irresponsibility. Congress needs to be held to the same standards as American workers: if we don’t do our job and produce a budget, Members of Congress should be not paid. It’s that simple."

The “No Budget, No Pay Act” extends the Federal Government’s borrowing authority by suspending enforcement of the debt ceiling through May 19th. This four month time period is designed to give the House and Senate time to draft and pass a budget.

To read more, click here.


Bringing West Virginia's issues to the forefront in the Energy and Commerce Committee:

Rep. McKinley questions U.S. manufacturers during the Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee Hearing on "Our Nation of Builders: Manufacturing in America."

To watch the video, click here.


What MADE America Great?


In meetings around the district, we’ve been posing the question “What MADE America great?” In other words, what event or period in history defined America as a great nation? What must we do to preserve our position as “The Shining City on a Hill?” We would like your feedback too. 

To read more, click here for an editorial posted in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel or you can post your response to our Facebook page by clicking here.

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