Meeting with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

On Thursday I met with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to discuss ways to protect the environment while stopping the bureaucratic overreach that devastated the coal industry during the Obama administration. Over the last eight years the EPA led an unrelenting assault on the coal industry through painful regulations that have sent thousands of West Virginians to the unemployment line. Fortunately, we now have an Administrator who understands how irresponsible and reckless these rules have been.



In our conversation Administrator Pruitt made it clear that he will lead an EPA that provides regulatory certainty and stops picking winners and losers. We can protect our land, air, and water, without harming our economy or punishing our workforce, and I look forward to working with him and other members of the Trump administration to achieve these goals.


Reforming Healthcare

Over the last few months I have held numerous roundtable discussions, conducted teletownhall, and spoken to many constituents one-on-one to listen to their concerns regarding the plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. In addressing these concerns we made sure that we protect Americans with pre-existing conditions and allow younger Americans to stay on their parent's plan.  However, since the bill was introduce last week we have heard further concerns and I have shared these concerns with the Leadership in the House.



Contrary to some misleading reports Black Lung benefits will not be jeopardized under the proposed legislation. For those who gained coverage through Medicaid expansion, states will be provided with new flexibility and a transition period so no one has the rug pulled out from underneath them. States will also have an option to keep expanded eligibility in the future. Finally, there are concerns of how older Americans and low income people could pay a lot more under the tax credit proposal. This is a serious concern of mine as well and our office is currently working with leaders in the House to modify the bill and provide better assistance for these people. This bill is not a final product and it will continue to be amended and modified in both the House and Senate before being sent to President Trump.

One thing is certain; the current system has failed the American people and is completely unsustainable. Premiums are soaring, deductibles are skyrocketing, and choices are limited. The American people deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare coverage and I look forward to working towards that goal.


Promoting Medical Research and Rebuilding our National Infrastructure

This week I had the opportunity to speak to the American Society of Civil Engineers. America has always been a leader in innovation. We built the Hoover Dam, an interstate highway, and sent a man to the moon. We need to reclaim the mantle of global leadership in engineering and we can do so by investing in STEM education and begin to rebuild our roads, tunnels, bridges and airports.



I also had a chance to meet and speak with Research!America about why investing in medical research needs to be a national priority. When we invest in research, not only do we allow ourselves to make scientific breakthroughs and advance medical cures, we also stimulate the economy and create jobs. This is a bipartisan issue that can bring people together and keep America as a global leader in medical technology.


WVU Update: Go Mountaineers!

Both the men's and women's basketball teams won their first round games of the NCAA tournament! Great job! Today the men will play Notre Dame at 12:10 and tomorrow the women will play Maryland at 2:30. Hail WVU!

Let’s go Mountaineers!

Have a great weekend!

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