Leading the Charge on Miners Benefits

This week was the first week of the 115th Congress and my first order of business was to re-introduce legislation to protect pensions and health benefits for over 120,000 retirees and their family members, threatened by coal company bankruptcies in recent years. Our coal miners have worked tirelessly over the last several decades to power this country. They earned these benefits and they don’t deserve to have them taken away. This is an urgent issue and we need to act as soon as possible. 



Fortunately, we have a solution. Our legislation will protect the pensions and healthcare coverage for over 120,000 retirees and their family members. Let’s not kick this can down the road any longer. We need to come together and pass this legislation so that coal miners and their loved ones have the peace of mind they deserve, and know their benefits won’t be threatened in the future. To watch a news story about this bill, click here.


Repealing and Replacing Obamacare

Obamacare has been hurting working families and job creators ever since it was implemented. Premiums have skyrocketed, deductibles have risen, and healthcare plans have been limited. The President’s healthcare plan has implemented punishing mandates and imposed over $1 trillion in tax hikes. The American people have made clear that they want Obamacare repealed and replaced. 



House Republicans are committed to offering the American people a better way. Working families deserve to be in charge of their healthcare, not the federal government. Our plan will help increase access to high quality and affordable coverage so that more people are able to choose the healthcare plan that best fits their needs.  


Standing with Israel

In December, the Obama Administration broke with longstanding U.S. policy by failing to veto an anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution. It was deeply disappointing. On Thursday, the House proudly supported a bipartisan resolution reaffirming our longstanding policy in the region and support for Israel, one of our greatest partners for freedom and peace.


Taking the Oath of Office

It is one of the most personal and professional honors to represent West Virginia’s First Congressional District in the House of Representatives and I am very excited about what we can accomplish together in the 115th Congress. My staff and I are committed to working our hardest every day for the people of West Virginia. Below is a picture of my wife Mary, Speaker Ryan, and members of our DC staff at my swearing in ceremony. 



WVU Update: Go Mountaineers!

The WVU men’s basketball team has been one of the best teams in the nation this year. Their current record is 12-2 and they will be taking on TCU on Saturday in Morgantown at 1:00 PM. Let’s go Mountaineers!

Have a great weekend!

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