Fighting for Coal Miners

The health care benefits and pensions for 120,000 coal miners and their families are in serious jeopardy due to bankruptcy. For decades, these coal miners helped to power American industry and commerce, earning their rights to these benefits.

This is why, for the past three years, my office has worked tirelessly to ensure that the healthcare and pension plans promised to these coal miners remain funded. I proudly took to the House floor on Thursday in support of this legislation and urged my colleagues to honor this promise to those who kept our nation running. Watch my full speech by clicking on the photo below.


Standing with our Oldest Ally

On Thursday evening, France was once again attacked by a cowardly terrorist who killed more than 80 innocent people during a Bastille Day celebration. It is long past due for the world community to unite in our fight against terror and stamp out radical extremists so we can prevent such heinous attacks in the future. My prayers go out to the victims of this attack and we must remember that freedom loving countries will never be intimidated.


A Bipartisan Bill on the Opioid Epidemic

Addressing the opioid epidemic in West Virginia and the rest of the nation has been one of my top priorities in Congress. Our state has suffered greatly over the past decade and it is time that Congress take action. As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the House was able to pass a comprehensive package supported by over 200 leading advocacy groups. This bill contains provisions to support treatment and recovery programs, strengthen our law enforcement response to trafficking, and ensure our healthcare professionals have the tools they need to save lives.  

I was proud to see my colleagues in the Senate support this legislation on Wednesday with another bipartisan vote. The bill will now head to the President desk to be signed into law. This bipartisan legislation is the first step in fighting back against this indiscriminant and destructive crisis and I look forward to supporting further legislative action on this crisis.


Reining in the EPA and Stopping Government Abuse

Over the last several years the EPA has been putting a stranglehold on the economy with overreaching regulations impacting businesses of all kinds – especially coal jobs. This week the House took action, to use the Power of the Purse to rein them in by passing an appropriations bill that holds the EPA accountable. The House also passed the Separation of Powers Restoration Act, a bill to limit the power of unelected bureaucrats. Only Congress has the power to make laws and it needs to stay that way.


Meeting with Concerned Citizens and Officials in Washington

This week our office had several meetings to discuss a variety of important issues.  These meetings give my staff and I a chance to learn how to offer the best solutions to the problems we face. These meetings included a discussion with United States Attorney Bill Ihlenfeld, OMB Director Shelanski, and a visit from Miss West Virginia to talk about her anti-bullying platform.


Looking ahead!

The House is now in recess and I will be traveling the district throughout the next several weeks meeting with constituents, hosting roundtables, and listening to your concerns.

Have a great weekend!

David B. McKinley

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