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Dear Friends:

This is an exciting time of the year when we gather with family and friends, create and continue family traditions and look forward to the holidays.  We also remember the brave men and women serving in our military who are unable to be with their loved ones. They continue to preserve our freedoms and liberties.

As we approach year’s end the country is also facing the prospect of tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts that go into effect in January unless we take action. Last summer the House passed its plan to extend the tax cuts for all Americans for another year and replace the across-the-board sequestration cuts with targeted savings. Unfortunately the President and the Senate failed to act on these proposals.

Now the House stands ready to negotiate in good faith with President Obama on a way to address the deficit and stop tax hikes that would hurt American families and small businesses. Last week President Obama offered his plan, which made it clear he has no intention of finding common ground. His proposal is not a serious one and is unacceptable because:

-It Taxes First: President Obama’s plan centers on a $1.6 trillion tax hike, which has a minimal impact on the deficit but will hurt small businesses. Washington has a spending problem, not a taxing problem. The basis of any serious proposal needs to start with real spending cuts and reforms.

-It Cuts Spending Later: While the $1.6 trillion tax will go into effect immediately, the President’s plan only promises $400 billion in unspecified cuts to come in the future. His plan calls for $4 in immediate tax increases for every $1 in future entitlement savings. This is not exactly the “balanced approach” President Obama has promised.

Americans must understand that raising taxes on families and small businesses is projected to raise approximately $40 billion annually; but the deficit for next year will exceed $1.1 trillion. We cannot tax America back to a balanced budget. We must seriously begin to cut spending in order to reduce the annual deficit.

-It Adds More Stimulus Spending: While spending cuts are placed on the backburner, the President’s plan calls for more immediate stimulus spending. His proposal includes an additional $50 billion in the first year for infrastructure projects, plus extending unemployment benefits and the payroll tax holiday. A real deficit reduction plan should not include more failed stimulus measures.

-It Gives Obama Free Reign on the Debt Limit: The President’s plan includes a provision to give him free reign to raise the debt limit. This would take away Congress’s power to hold the Executive Branch accountable. Any increase in the debt limit must be accompanied by matching spending cuts and reforms, to take away Congress’s ability to require that is unacceptable.

Judging by his proposal, President Obama must still be on the campaign trail. Rather than coming out with a reasonable proposal that would lead to productive negotiations and compromise, he put forth a wish list that is unacceptable.

Conservatives are ready to compromise on policy, but will not compromise on principle. Any realistic proposal on deficit reduction must start with the real problem – out-of-control spending. We should also consider measures that will help curb spending, like a Balanced Budget Amendment and changes to ObamaCare.

We all want to avoid a tax increase that will hurt the economy, and we need to cut spending in a targeted manner. However, we must do so in a serious way that addresses the underlying problem rather than scoring political points.

As we work towards this goal we will keep you updated on our progress.

Preparing for and Dealing with Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy approached in October, our office provided needed information through a variety of channels, including Facebook, Twitter and the official Congressional websites.  We posted information concerning severe weather home safety kits and where emergency shelters were set up in the First Congressional District.  We also included information on where to get help and services provided by the American Red Cross and local church and civic organizations.

During a period of three days, our office posted close to 100 different messages containing information on the areas affected by the storm from the National Weather Service.  We also answered your questions in real time and kept you informed on the track of Sandy.

After the storm, several staff members visited Preston and Tucker Counties to volunteer with recovery efforts and thank first responders and local volunteers.  We were amazed at how all the agencies and their volunteers came together for the good of residents in those areas.  It makes me proud to be a West Virginian and to see how people pulled together in the aftermath.

Veteran’s Job Fairs and Roundtables

Meeting with local veterans allows me to hear their concerns and learn how I can help them receive the services and benefits they deserve. Recently we conducted several events for veterans in West Virginia’s First Congressional District, including five roundtable discussions across the district and a jobs fair for veterans in the Northern Panhandle.

The top three concerns we consistently heard from local veterans were possible cuts to their benefits, post traumatic stress disorder among veterans returning home, and access to health care. We intend to work in the coming months to address these issues and help keep our promises to those who have sacrificed for our country.

In November, Bob Villers from my staff held mobile office hours for Veteran’s services in Clarksburg, Fairmont and Morgantown.  Bob is a Veteran of the U.S. Army and met with dozens of fellow veterans to help with concerns and issues they are facing. 

Because the mobile office hours were so successful, we’re going to continue them in other parts of the First Congressional District.  Stay tuned for more information on upcoming Veteran’s events.

Contact My Office

These are just a few of the highlights of recent events and activities.  If you have an issue, an idea or a question concerning the First Congressional District in W.Va. or an issue currently facing Congress, you can contact us on social media on our Facebook page or our Congressional website. You can also follow us on Twitter@RepMcKinley.

Thanks for keeping in touch and please continue to look for updates on the steps we’re taking here in Washington, D.C. and West Virginia to make our country a better place.


David B. McKinley, P.E.
Member of Congress


Working for You—Rep. McKinley Making News

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Recent News Video Segments of Rep. McKinley

“Rep. McKinley Talks with Wood County Farmers”
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“Home Healthcare and Medicare’s Future Top Discussion in Bridgeport”
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Keeping You Informed Before, During and After Hurricane Sandy Hits—McKinley’s Social Media Sites Provide Valuable Information


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“Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Your Family”
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Meetings and Events From Around the First District

Journalism and media arts students meet with Rep. McKinley at Bethany College.

Rep. McKinley meets with veterans in Morgantown, W.Va.

Rep. McKinley discusses health care in Bridgeport, W.Va.

Workers at Progressive Industries, based in Morgantown, W.Va., give Rep. McKinley a tour of the facility.

Staff members with Rep. McKinley tour areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in Tucker and Preston Counties.

Rep. McKinley addresses veterans concerns at a round table in Harrison County.

At Work for the People of W.Va.’s First Congressional District


Rep. McKinley Fights for Survival of American Coal Plants Threatened by New EPA Regulations

Washington, D.C.—A hearing was conducted yesterday by the Energy and Power Subcommittee on Rep. David B. McKinley’s bill, H.R. 6172, to prohibit the EPA from finalizing its proposed New Source Performance Standards.  To read entire release, click here.

Rep. McKinley Addresses Medicare Issues at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.—Today, Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E.(R-WV)served as the keynote speaker at an event discussing Medicare post-acute care reforms at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  To read entire release, click here.

Rep. McKinley Announces Help for Storm Victims

Washington, D.C.—Rep. David B. McKinley(R-WV)announced additional counties in West Virginia’s First District are now eligible for FEMA assistance following the destructive storm earlier in July.  To read entire release, click here.

McKinley Statement on the Escalating Violence in Gaza

Washington, D.C.—Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E.(R-W.Va.)released the following statement after the recent violent attacks in the Gaza Strip:  “This violence against Israel is unacceptable,” said Rep. McKinley. “We stand squarely behind our ally Israel and support its right to defend itself.”  To read entire release, click here.


As always, you can follow everything we are working on in West Virginia and Washington, D.C. through our website, McKinley.house.gov, on Twitter @ RepMcKinley, or on Facebook at facebook.com/repmckinley.

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