Severe Weather Continues in West Virginia

Heavy flooding throughout West Virginia has killed over a dozen people and left thousands stranded and without power. The Governor’s office has issued a state of emergency and has activated the West Virginia National Guard to assist residents during this crisis.

My office is in close contact with local, state, and federal authorities and will continue to monitor the situation. Tomorrow, the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA)will deploy a response team to West Virginia to provide support and guidance on the federal response to this disaster. Please be safe and feel free to follow these links for more information.

WV Department Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

National Weather Service Flood Safety

Volunteer West Virginia – 2016 Flood Volunteer Registration


Working for the People of the First District

Despite legislative interference, this week, the House of Representatives passed important measures that will help fund our fight against Zika while also providing funds for resources that will strengthen our military veterans and their families. The Energy and Commerce Committee held several hearings, including one on the EPA’s renewable fuel standard. 

We also held a number of important meetings with constituents and groups from West Virginia to discuss their concerns and how we can better address the challenges they face. These meetings allow us to learn more about a variety of issues and we look forward to hearing from more constituents in the coming weeks.


Honoring a Local Veteran: John Chernenko

On Tuesday, the French Embassy held a ceremony to present the “Legion of Honor” to American veterans on behalf of the people of France. One of the honorees was John Chernenko, a Wheeling native who participated in the D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach. Chernenko was awarded several medals for his combat service including two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. It was great honor to attend this ceremony and recognize his bravery. Sadly, John passed away last year but his two sons were able to receive the award on his behalf.


House Democrats Hold a Publicity Stunt Over Gun Legislation

As you may have seen this week, House Democrats interrupted legislative business to protest constitutional rights. We all agree that terrorists should not be able to purchase guns but we can’t jeopardize people’s Constitutional rights or threaten due process. Remember, the four proposals the Democrats want to vote on already failed in the Senate and a similar amendment was defeated in a House committee in a bipartisan manner.

Therefore the actions taken by the liberal, Pelosi-led Democrats look more suspiciously like a publicity stunt and an effort to raise campaign funds and not an attempt to solve any problem. Rather than focusing on common sense reforms to address surrounding issues – including terrorism and mental health – they are instead exploiting a tragedy to score cheap political points. It’s time to end the political charades and get back to developing real solutions.


Rebuking Obama’s Overreach

Federal agencies continue to run wild with power by declaring rules and regulations that have hindered economic growth and hurt the pocketbooks of working families. On Tuesday, a U.S. District Court in Wyoming struck down the Department of Interior’s regulation on hydraulic fracturing. On Thursday, a deadlocked Supreme Court affirmed a ruling from a lower court that prevented President Obama’s executive action on immigration from moving forward.

These two courts rulings each demonstrate how important our checks and balances system of government is and serve as a reminder that only Congress and not federal agencies should have lawmaking power.


Listening to Your Concerns

This week our office welcomed many visitors and conducted several important meetings that provided our staff an opportunity to hear directly from those who have concerns about the challenges we face. We met with representatives from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the Children’s Hospital Association, the Plastics Council, and Ergon Inc.  


Working in Committee

The Energy and Commerce Committee was once again busy this week and the Subcommittee on Energy and Power held an important hearing on the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard, which sets ethanol levels in gasoline. If America is going to have a strong national security and a robust economy, we need to make sure we are pursuing energy policies that will help us achieve both. To see a clip of the hearing, click here .


Offering A Better Way

House Republicans unveiled the last two parts of our 6 part policy agenda; “A Better Way.” On Wednesday we revealed our vision for a better and smarter approach to health care. The cost of health care continues to rise and American families are having a hard time affording coverage. People deserve more choices at a lower price while keeping the quality of care high. Click on the photo below to find out more.

On Friday, Leadership in the House revealed our tax reform plank aimed at simplifying the tax code. Currently, our tax code is too confusing and too complex. Pursuing tax reform with lower rates will kickstart economic growth, create jobs, and make it easier for workers to get ahead and invest in their future.


Looking ahead!

Next I will be back in West Virginia, traveling the district to meet with constituents, local officials, and participate in several roundtables.

Have a great weekend!

-David B. McKinley

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