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Our office was once again very busy this week. In the aftermath of the attack in Orlando, Florida, the House passed legislation that would strengthen our fight against terrorism and bolster our national defense. The Energy and Commerce Committee continued its record of bipartisan success by passing a comprehensive mental health bill and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing on “superbugs” that resist antibiotics.

Our office also held many important meetings with constituents and groups from West Virginia to discuss their concerns and how we can address the challenges we face.

The Orlando Terror Attack

Sunday morning Americans woke up in shock to learn about the terror attack in Orlando, Florida. This was a terrible tragedy and we need to make sure we take the appropriate steps to prevent similar attacks in the future. The security of the American people needs to be our ultimate priority. 



We also must continue to show compassion and remember that many people are still mourning and suffering from this horrifying event. All too often we are quick to place blame and point fingers. We need to rise above our differences and come together. As one nation, we can overcome any challenge we are confronted with. So let's stay united and continue to support each other like the American family we are. Please continue to hold the victims of this terrible tragedy in your thoughts and prayers.


Fighting Terrorism and Strengthening the Military

In the aftermath of the shooting in Orlando, we are reminded that threats to our national security continue to grow. The House took action this week to fight terrorism and strengthen our military by passing the Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act, legislation to stop terrorists and prevent further attacks. The House also passed the 2017 Defense Appropriations Bill, that will fund our military and keep our troops combat ready. This bill appropriates $517.1 billion for base discretionary funds and $58.6 billion for overseas contingency operations for a total of $575.8 billion. For more information on this legislation, click here.


Meeting with Constituents in Washington

Our office also held several important meetings throughout the week giving our team an opportunity to hear directly from people and groups who have concerns about a particular set of issues. We met with representatives from NASA, the WV Chamber of Commerce, WVU, the Communications Workers of America, and Marshall University. I also had an opportunity to address a gathering to discuss the benefits of energy efficiency at a reception for High Performance Building Week. It was great to meet so many people who are interested in the solutions to the challenges we face. 



Working in Committee

The Energy and Commerce Committee passed the Helping Families and Mental Health Crisis Act by a unanimous vote of 53-0. The Committee has been working on this issue for several years and it’s a great example of a bipartisan accomplishment. Mental health is something that many families have dealt with and it impacts many of our debates regarding drug addiction and violence. This bill is an important reform bill that will help families and individuals who suffer with a mental health illness.

The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations also held a hearing on how we can be better prepared to fight "superbugs" that resist antibiotics. To watch a clip of my opening statement, click here



Offering A Better Way

House Republicans continue to lay out a new policy agenda titled, “A Better Way.” Our agenda is a six point plan that will grow the economy, fight poverty, strengthen national defense, protect the Constitution, reform health care, and simplify the tax code. To learn more about this plan, click here



Looking ahead!

Next week the House will be back in session considering a financial services appropriations bill as well as legislation that will repeal limits on contributions to health savings accounts.

Have a great weekend!

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