Doing the People’s Work

It was another busy work week in our nation’s capital. The House of Representatives passed several important bills, including the Email Privacy Act which updates a decades-old digital law to protect the privacy of Americans’ electronic messages. The Energy and Commerce Committee passed 22 bills, 11 of which are aimed at combating opioid abuse and drug addiction.We also had the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues with several groups who visited our office, including representatives from Student Veterans of America, Resolute Forest Products, Community Bankers of West Virginia, among others.

It is a great privilege to represent West Virginia’s First Congressional District and I am pleased with the steps we took over the last week to strengthen our public health, protect privacy rights, and hear the concerns of my constituents. Next week, I’ll be back in West Virginia to hold a variety of meetings and roundtables.


Fighting Opioid Abuse and Drug Addiction

Opioid abuse and drug addiction are a grave and growing problem. Every 12 minutes someone dies of an overdose, and every 25 minutes a baby is born, who was exposed to drugs during pregnancy. Sadly, West Virginia has a youth overdose death rate that is twice the national average according to a recent report. This is an alarming trend that we must reverse. Fortunately, we in the House are taking action. This week, the Energy and Commerce Committee passed 11 bills that will help prevent, educate, and treat those who are struggling with addiction. These bills are not a permanent solution, but they are strong steps in the right direction. To see a clip about my amendment to help provide rural areas with more resources to fight drugs, click here.


Protecting Privacy Rights

This week the House passed the E-mail Privacy Act, a bill that modernizes a digital law from thirty years ago and protects the privacy of personal e-mails, text messages, and other electronic messages. Currently, law enforcement officials are allowed to view e-mails and other electronic communications without a warrant if they are over six months old. This bill changes that loophole and requires law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant. This legislation is important because it strikes a balance between individual citizens and law enforcement officials to strengthen public safety and protect the privacy rights of the American people. For more information on the E-mail Privacy Act, click here.


Strengthening Education for Our Veterans

Our veterans are some of America’s finest citizens and we should all be grateful for their service. However, sometimes it is difficult to make the transition from a life in the military to an academic environment.  We must make sure we are doing everything we can to get our veterans the education they deserve. This week I had the privilege to discuss the GI Bill STEM Extension Act with leaders of Student Veterans of America(SVA), Jared Lyon and Derek Fronabarger. These two young men, along with the rest of the staff at SVA, provided a loud voice on behalf of student veterans all across America and I am so glad they had a chance to come by the office. To learn more about this bill, click hereto watch my testimony before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.  


Speaking to Salem International University’s Class of 2016

Last Saturday, it was a great honor to give the commencement address to Salem International University’s class of 2016. These students represent the future of our state and country. Watching parents and family members applaud the graduates as they completed their college careers was a great experience and I was very grateful to be included for such a special occasion. For excerpts of the commencement speech, click here.


Have a great weekend!

-David McKinley

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