A Busy Work Week in Washington

It was a busy work week in Washington. The House of Representatives passed several important bills to reign in the IRS and take several steps towards common sense reforms that will simplify the tax code. Members of the Coal Caucus met to discuss painful EPA regulations, the coal industry, and how best to protect our environment with smarter policies. The Energy and Commerce Committee also had a busy week with several hearings and it was a lot of fun leading a panel of experts for a lively discussion hosted by POLITICO.

With America facing challenges both at home and abroad it is very important that both parties stay focused on solutions that will allow more people to build a bright future. This past week was a productive one and I look forward to returning next week to continue where we left off.


Reforming the IRS

Monday, April 18th was “Tax Day,” a day that reminds us that our tax code is too long and too complicated. If we are going to turn our economy around and create jobs, we need to simplify our tax code and reign in the IRS. This week, the House passed a series of reform bills to help achieve those goals. The bills will prevent the IRS from rehiring former employees who had been previously fired for misconduct, stop the agency from hiring those who have tax delinquencies, and require that all money raised through fees on American taxpayers is subject to Congressional approval before it is spent. It is time we made the federal government more accountable to the people and these reforms will do just that.


Chairing the Coal Caucus

On Wednesday morning, I chaired a meeting of the Congressional Coal Caucus to discuss the Clean Power Plan and how we can reverse the regulatory overreach hurting the coal industry. We must be smarter about how we approach energy policy and it was great to connect with other House members who feel the same way. Look at this picture of a scroll that lists a set of regulations on coal implemented from 2009 to 2015. It’s 23 feet long!


Fighting for Strong Energy and Security Policies

The Energy and Commerce Committee was very busy this week, holding several hearings on important topics that included the security of our bioresearch labs, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, perspectives from the tech industry and law enforcement on encryption, and the EPA’s Brownfields Program. These hearings were both informative and productive. Next week we’ll return as a full Committee to mark up several important bills to curb opioid abuse.


Discussing America’s Energy Future with POLITICO

Yesterday morning, I was pleased to join Senator Angus King(I-Maine), President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy Lisa Jacobson, and Scott Segal from Bracewell for America’s Energy Agenda: New prices, New Policies?, hosted by POLITICO. It was a great discussion in which we debated our current energy policies, the need for new investment in energy infrastructure, new technologies, and climate change. The panel was moderated by Nick Juliano of POLITICO. To view the full discussion click here.


Commencement Address at Salem International University

Tomorrow, I will be giving the commencement address at Salem International University. It is a great honor to join graduates, their family, and friends on such a big day. These students represent the future of our country and we should all look forward to seeing what they can accomplish. Go Tigers!

To everyone who celebrates, Happy Passover!

Have a great weekend!

- David McKinley

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