Victory in the War For Coal

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that will block implementation of President Obama’s power plant rules until it considers legal challenges to the plan.

President Obama’s regulations on coal fired power plants represent a massive overreach, with weak Constitutional grounding. The Supreme Court’s decision is a victory for West Virginia, coal mining families, and people everywhere that will face higher energy bills if this plan goes into effect.

While the fight is not over, this stay will allow Congress and district courts to continue to defend the important role coal plays in our economy.


Coal Caucus Huddle

Coming just after the announcement of the Supreme Court’s ruling, Members and staff from the Congressional Coal Caucus met on Wednesday with Mr. Cecil Roberts, President of the United Mine Workers of America(UMWA). The meeting with Mr. Roberts was a good opportunity to listen to his perspective and the challenges facing the industry.

At the meeting we discussed the priorities for the Coal Caucus in 2016, focusing on fighting back against regulations and ensuring miners receive the benefits they deserve. Each Member of Congress is able to bring their unique strengths to the caucus, creating a singular voice for coal. As co-chair of this caucus, rest assured I will work with my colleagues, state and local officials, and the court system to stand up for mines and miners everywhere.  


If the President Won’t, Congress Will

On Tuesday the President released a record-breaking $4.1 trillion budget that includes trillions in tax increases. At the same time, this budget makes no attempt to balance and would increase our national debt to $27.4 trillion in ten year.

This new budget proves that the President doesn’t care about the debt and this Administration has no plans to lower it. Instead of confronting this issue face on, the President sees fit to play politics as usual and pass it along to our children and grandchildren.

On Thursday, the House passed H.R. 3442, the Debt Management and Fiscal Responsibility Act, to require the Secretary of the Treasury to perform a full review of our nation’s fiscal health and present a plan for getting this debt under control. I have consistently voted for budgets and legislation that will decrease our debt and balance our budget. By passing this bill, Congress is taking the lead in establishing a plan to halt out of control spending.


WVU Professor Makes History

This week a group of scientists, including WVU Professor Sean McWilliams, made history as they became the first to detect gravitational waves in the Universe. More than a century ago, in his Theory of Relativity, Einstein predicted that a sudden change in gravity, like when a star explodes, waves of gravitational energy would be produced and race across the Universe at light-speed.

In Congress I have continued to work to support technology and research in West Virginia. From the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown to NASA’s to Independent Verification and Validation(IV&V)Facility in Fairmont, the First District is home to dozens of centers of research excellence. It is my goal to ensure that these programs receive the support they deserve and we can make West Virginia a destination for high-tech industry. Congratulations to Professor McWilliams on his hard work!


The First District in Washington

This week, members of the West Virginia Rural Water Association visited my office to discuss support for rural communities that lack access to clean water. Expanding water infrastructure has been a priority of my office and I was glad to be able to discuss such an important issue.

In addition to the Rural Water Association, staff from the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown and the new President of Marshall, Dr. Jerry Gilbert were able to stop by. Coming up next week, I’ll in the First District to meet with constituents and bring their concerns back to Washington. 


Have a great weekend!

- David McKinley

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