Greater Oversight on Terrorist Financiers

The Obama administration led America into a raw deal when it signed the nuclear agreement with Iran late last year. As part of the agreement, sanctions on Iranians connected with terrorist organizations and attacks – attacks which have killed and injured Americans – will be reviewed and lifted. Now, just months into this deal, Iran has broken the letter and spirit of this agreement by testing banned cruise missiles and taking American sailors prisoner in front of an international audience. It’s time to take a harder stance against these actions and hold the Obama administration accountable.

This is why, this week, the House voted to pass H.R. 3662, the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act. This bill will prevent the President from removing people or businesses from the sanctions lists, unless the Administration can certify that the individual or corporation is not a terror financier, human rights abuser, or involved in any way with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Congress, and the American people, deserves to know that the Obama Administration is doing everything possible to ensure that terrorists and their support network will be sanctioned for their actions. 


Veto override on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood

This week, the House voted to override President Obama’s veto of a bill to repeal Obamacare mandates, taxes and slush funds, and prevent taxpayer funding for abortion providers. President Obama’s veto of this bill showed that he stands against the American people and on the side of more government control over health care and spending taxpayer money on the nation’s largest abortion provider.

President Obama has become a true obstructionist, vetoing nine bills and threatening to veto an additional 83. Republicans in Congress have kept a promise to use every tool at our disposal to help Americans struggling with this failing health care law, but we have faced a President not willing to budge an inch. With new leadership in the White House next year we can begin to undo the harm it has caused to millions of Americans and the entire economy and replace it with a better plan. 


The First District in Washington

Members of the West Virginia Farm Credit Bureau stopped by my office this week to celebrate 100 years of helping farmers across West Virginia. They play a vital role in ensuring small farmers and landowners can get the head start they need to keep producing food for our tables.

As the year picks up speed, I look forward to visiting with more constituents and working on solutions to help the people of the First District.


High Energy

The Energy and Commerce Committee has made it a priority encourage modernization of our energy infrastructure and stop bad regulations that hurt jobs.

This week the House Energy and Commerce Committee reviewed two bills, the SENSE ACT and the BRICK ACT, that counter the Environmental Protection Agency’s(EPA)overreach. The SENSE Act ensures that the coal refuse-to-energy industry can continue to help remediate former polluted sites and provide energy for thousands of American homes. The BRICK Act protects the kiln-fired brick industry by delaying costly EPA regulations that threaten to kill jobs.

In addition, the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Power reviewed eight bills dealing with our nation’s energy infrastructure, particularly hydropower. Included in the review was a bill I submitted to reinstate the license for construction of the Jennings Randolph Dam project in Mineral County. Projects like the Jennings Randolph Dam will expand the nation’s energy infrastructure, creating jobs and more domestic energy.


Electrify Africa

On Monday, the House passed the Electrify Africa Act of 2015, a bill which will encourage the development of affordable and reliable electricity in Africa, by pursuing an “all the above” energy strategy that includes coal. Hundreds of millions in Africa suffer from a lack of access to power.

Access to affordable and reliable electricity is one of the main drivers in boosting a nation’s economy and providing for the welfare of its citizens. A lack of reliable electricity means 620 million people in Africa are consigned to live in poverty without access, to light, refrigeration, and clean water. This means children don’t have a light to read at night, hospitals don’t have refrigeration to store medicine, and people rely on unhealthy sources for cooking and heating.  

Fossil fuels – including coal – will play a major role in providing affordable electricity to the continent. However, in the past, President Obama has put ideology ahead of bringing people out of poverty by excluding coal from the equation. By passing this bill, and sending it to the President’s desk, Congress has taken action to ensure hundreds of millions can have affordable energy.


Mountaineers Bounce Back

After a tough loss to Florida last Saturday, West Virginia rebounded and beat the Number 13 team in the country, the Iowa State cyclones. The mountaineers got off to a rocky start and saw themselves down by 15 points early but a late first half rally cut the deficit to four points at the break. The game remained tight down the stretch, but consistent free throws and a clutch three pointer by Jaysean Paige sealed the deal for WVU. This was a great win for the mountaineers and only the third home loss for ISU in four years.

The mountaineers have a tough schedule ahead facing number 15 Baylor in Morgantown tomorrow before heading to Kansas to take on the number 7 ranked Jayhawks next Tuesday. WVU is currently tied for the top spot in the best conference in the country with Oklahoma, the number 1 team in the nation, and looks to move up in the rankings after big wins this week. 

Have a great weekend!

- David

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