Holding the Administration Responsible for Obamacare Flaws

This week Andy Slavitt, acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, testified before the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee. In the hearing, we had the opportunity to ask Mr. Slavitt questions pertaining to the Future of State Exchanges under Obamacare. I reminded Mr. Slavitt that citizens in the First District face an average 20 percent monthly premium hike for plans sold on the exchange, to which he had little response.

Obamacare has been a disaster for many Americans, causing healthcare costs to go up, employers to cut hours, and businesses to stop growing. Additionally, billions in federal money was spent establishing Obamacare state exchanges, twenty-five percent of which have failed. Mr. Slavitt had little of substance to say to ease concerns over the failure of Obamacare state exchanges and in the end left us with more questions than answers.


Empowering our State's Educators

This week, the Senate overwhelmingly passed S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, which the House passed last week. Over the past five years I've heard from countless teachers, school administrators, and parents about the negative impact of education policies under No Child Left Behind. These one-size-fits-all regulations and high-stakes testing have been a drain on West Virginia's education system.

On Thursday, the President signed this bill into law, effectively ending the era of flawed No Child Left Behind policies, such as mandatory Common Core compliance. While the new program is not perfect, not supporting this important legislation would simply have been a vote for the status quo. The reforms within this bill place an emphasis on returning the power of education back to those who know our children best; teachers and school districts. By rejecting the status quo, it is my hope that educators throughout the First District of West Virginia will once again be empowered to foster our children's growth.


Closing Security Loopholes

On Wednesday, the House addressed immigration concerns about terrorists exploiting our borders by passing H.R... 158, the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act. Currently citizens from almost 40 countries do not require visas to travel to the United States. Many foreign fighters who have traveled to fight for ISIS and other terrorist organization hold passports from countries on the Visa Waiver program. In fact, three of the ISIS attackers in Paris had Western passports, allowing them to freely travel to the United States without enhanced security screening.

This bill prohibits individuals who have traveled to Iraq and Syria from using the Visa Waiver program, terminates the program if a host country refuses to cooperate with U.S... intelligence services, and allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to suspend high risk countries until this threat has subsided. By passing this bill, Congress has taken a step to secure our borders from terrorists wanting to do us harm.


Teletown Hall

On Wednesday night, my office held a "Teletown Hall" with over 9,000 constituents calling to listen in. We fielded a variety of calls from the recent Highway bill, to homeland security concerns, to regulations coming from Washington and their effect on the First District. These calls are a great way for me to listen to your concerns and learn how best to serve you.

While we are unable to field every call, I want to encourage you all to reach out to my office with concerns you may have regarding legislation or current events. Please feel free to send me an email through my website http://mckinley.house.gov, or call my Washington office at(202)225-4172.


First District Champions

On Thursday, I took to the House floor to commemorate the remarkable achievement of three high school teams in the First District. Magnolia High School of New Martinsville, Wheeling Park High School, and Bridgeport High School each won the West Virginia state championship in their respective classes.

Through their hard work and perseverance these young men were able to take home titles and make the First District proud.


Have a great weekend!


- David

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