Leading the charge for Coal Jobs

This Thursday, the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy & Power held a hearing on the legality of President Obama’s so-called Clean Power Plan(CPP). Under the CPP, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)would impose severe restrictions on carbon emissions, specifically targeting coal powered regions like West Virginia. This ruling represents a disastrous approach to energy in the United States, wholly ignoring the economic and social ramifications. Watch the questioning about the impact the rule would have on electric costs and our economic competitiveness here.

As part of a concentrated local, state, and Congressional effort to fight back against the EPA’s overreach, today, West Virginia’s Attorney General Patrick Morrisey led a coalition of 24 states in filing a lawsuit that aims to strike down the CPP. This lawsuit would stay the implementation of the plan forcing the Obama Administration to reconsider its ruling. We will continue to oppose this overreach in the courts and in Congress.


Serving the Citizens of West Virginia’s First District

Casework is an integral part of every Congressional office. Each year millions of Americans turn to their Representative for help while navigating federal agencies. This week our crack team reached a significant milestone by opening their 4000th case. Frequent cases include help with VA pensions, Social Security Disability claims, and Medicare and Medicaid enrollment. I’d like to highlight one recent case below:

Earlier this year my office helped out a constituent suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. He had been fighting with Medicare and his local pharmacy for his insulin prescription. Medicare continued to deny coverage for his condition, forcing him to pay out of pocket for his prescription. Unable to make payments before his medication ran out, the constituent turned to my office for help. We were able to get in touch with Medicare within the day and ensure that he received his life saving medication.

This case is just one of the thousands of cases performed by my staff over the years. If you or someone you know needs similar assistance while dealing with a federal agency, please contact my District Offices listed below. While we cannot guarantee your outcome, we will fight our hardest to make sure you receive the help you deserve. Click here to get started.


Ensuring Clean Water for West Virginians

This Thursday the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy held a meeting examining drinking water challenges for rural communities. Many communities, particularly those throughout the First District are facing aging drinking water and wastewater lines. In our travels across the First District we’ve heard from local leaders about the clear hazards these water lines present to thousands of West Virginians, yet funding for maintenance and improvement remains an issue in rural communities.

During the meeting, I had a chance to question experts on rural waters issue and discuss bipartisan solutions, such as H.R. 2853. This bill, of which I am a cosponsor, would secure funding priorities for water systems in rural communities. Click here to watch the testimony.


Chipping away at Obamacare and stopping funding for Planned Parenthood

Today, I voted in support of H.R. 3762, the Restoring American’s Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, which passed the House 240-187. This bill repeals several provisions in Obamacare including, the disastrous Individual and Employer mandate and the high excise tax on employer-sponsored coverage. In addition, this bill would restrict federal funding for Planned Parenthood and its affiliates.

Since coming to Congress, I have made it a goal to fight back against Obamacare and stand up for the sanctity of life. This bill was a chance to achieve both of these important objectives.  


President Obama risks National Security

This week President Obama vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA)which has passed both the Senate and House with bipartisan support. President Obama refused to sign the budget plan unless Congress raised spending levels for domestic programs cut under the Budget Control Act.

For over fifty years the NDAA has passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, representing the full commitment Congress has for our fighting men and women. President Obama is using this vital national security bill as a partisan gimmick to force higher domestic spending on his pet projects. This is an irresponsible game and the President should stop putting politics ahead of our security.


The Drug Crisis and Economic Factors

This Wednesday, President Obama visited Charleston to talk about the devastating effect drug abuse is having on the Mountain State. West Virginia is ranked No. 1 in the nation for drug overdoses and has one of the highest opioid prescription rates in the nation.

While it was important for President Obama to shine a light on this issue, it should be noted that his policies have helped to contribute to the economic hardship that fuels drug abuse. Thousands of West Virginians have lost their jobs under President Obama’s administration leaving many to turn to drug abuse to deal with their upturned lives. If the President truly wants to confront one of the roots of this problem, he needs to look no further than his policies that have devastated West Virginia’s economy.  


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