September 11, 2015

House Rejects Iran Deal

Today the House voted to reject President Obama’s disastrous Iran deal. The entire premise of this agreement is wrong – Iran does not wish to pursue a peaceful nuclear program. If they were, they would not need 6,000 centrifuges, an underground nuclear facility, and access to ballistic missiles. The President should reject Iran’s hollow promises and return to the negotiating table.

On Thursday, I discussed the details of the House votes with Hoppy Kercheval on Talkline, you may listen here. Unsurprisingly for this President, he did not follow the law in reporting the details of his Iran deal to Congress. The President’s allies in the Senate broke their word and won’t even allow an up-or-down vote. Their actions are an outrage.

This deal will empower Iran, weaken our allies in the Middle East, and endanger our security in the long-run.

Recognizing Our Heroes

On August 25th, a teacher, a sheriff, and a pastor in Phillippi proved themselves heroes when a student brought a gun into Phillip Barbour High School and held his classmates hostage. They defused the situation and convinced the young man to voluntarily turn over his weapon.

Heroes are around us everyday. I was honored to recognize these three on the House floor this week, please click below to watch:

One Rule for Us, Another For Iran

On Wednesday, the subcommittee on Energy and Power held a hearing on “Oversight of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC).” Since 1975, the NRC has licensed and regulated our nation’s nuclear reactors and nuclear materials. The NRC ensures that our domestic power plants are in compliance with existing laws and safety standards.

This hearing comes at an auspicious time, as Congress debates the Iran deal and further ways to discuss this disastrous agreement. During the hearing, I had the chance to question members of the NRC about their capabilities to inspect U.S. sites and facilities and how this compares to the inspection requirements of the Iran deal. While we have a full commission dedicated to reporting on our own sites we will have to rely upon the credibility of the Iranian regime when receiving reports about their nuclear capabilities.

Certainly, relying on the trust of a radical regime to inspect their own facilities is unwise.

Preventing Drug Abuse and Overdose

This week the House passed H.R. 1725, the National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting(NASPER)Reauthorization Act to help states combat prescription drug abuse by monitoring the prescription of controlled substances through an electronic database. These vital grant programs will encourage information sharing and improve law enforcement efforts to cut down on drug abuse.

West Virginia is currently in the grips of a drug abuse epidemic. We have the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the country. Over the past year I have met with law enforcement, health care providers, local officials, and concerned citizens to hear their stories on this crisis. One of the strongest ways we can combat this threat is from the source – the over-prescription of opioid painkillers.

This legislation will allow doctors to continue treating patients while limiting trafficking and “doctor shopping” across state lines by those addicted to drugs. Bills like this offer a step toward a brighter, drug-free future for many West Virginians. By encouraging information sharing and funding drug monitoring programs we will keep people from falling into drugs and help those stuck in a vicious cycle to receive treatment.

Labor Day Weekend

It was a big kick off weekend with two wins for West Virginia teams. On Saturday, WVU started their season by shutting out Georgia Southern 41-0. Let's see if the Mountaineers can keep up those numbers for the rest of the season! The wins continued on Sunday as Marshall took on my alma mater Purdue in Huntington. I was honored to participate in the opening coin toss as the Thundering Herd cinched a 41-31 victory.

Mary and I closed out the weekend with wonderful trips to the Clarksburg Italian Festiva Parade and the Paden City Labor Day Parade. We appreciate all the hard work put into these events and events throughout West Virginia for this great holiday. We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as well!

David McKinley

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