President Rebuked Again at Court

President Obama has exceeded his authority on many fronts, from attacking the coal industry to ignoring our immigration laws. Fortunately, the House and the federal courts have fought him at every turn. This week, a federal judge in North Dakota stopped implementation of the EPA’s Waters of the United States rule in 13 western states. This regulation would burden farmers, small businesses, and coal miners with higher costs and endless paperwork. All in an attempt to give bureaucrats in Washington control over every puddle and drainage ditch in America.

Unfortunately, a federal court in West Virginia earlier found in favor of the Administration and refused to stop the new, onerous regulations. However, when the lower courts disagree, the Supreme Court is more likely to take up a case. And Judge Erickson, who authored the North Dakota decision, believes the states would ultimately win their case.

The President implemented these rules without Congress, and the courts, like the House, are standing up to his power grabs. Let’s hope the President learns his lesson and stops bullying the American people into carrying out his radical agenda.

Bravery at Phillip Barbour

Tragedy was averted in Phillippi this week because of the courage and quick-thinking of a few everyday West Virginians. At Phillip Barbour High School, a student brought a gun into class and held his 28 classmates and teacher hostage for a half-hour.

Thankfully, there were no injuries or shots fired. The teacher kept her students safe and talked the young man down from violence, while his pastor and the sheriff convinced him to turn over his weapon voluntarily.

We never know what our day may bring, but the heroes in Phillippi this week teach us that we are capable of great things every day.

Honoring Their Heritage

In 2011, West Virginia University football coach Dana Holgorsen began the “Mountaineer Mantrip,” the ceremonial walk to the stadium honoring the coal miners who clock in each day and have built West Virginia. This year, Coach Holgorsen, with the help of Coal Stone, added a unique feature to the men’s locker room – a wall of coal.

 The shiny black bricks, with a flying WV logo in the center, will serve as a constant reminder of our state’s history and tradition.

Hail to West Virginia, hail!

Steelers Update

The Steelers have faced a tough week of injuries and self-inflicted wounds. First, we learned that star center and anchor of the offensive line, Maurkice Pouncey, would be sidelined for a substantial portion of the season. The offensive line now goes from an elite unit to a question mark.

Late this week the four-game suspension of Martavis Bryant was announced, due to his failure to pass multiple drug tests. Let’s hope the players practice more self-control, for their sake and the team’s.

The Steelers travel to Buffalo for their third preseason game tomorrow at 4:00pm. Here we go!

Have a great week,

David McKinley

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