August in the District

Beginning last week, the August recess is an opportunity for me and my staff to stay in touch with West Virginians and ensure your priorities are our priorities.

Beginning last week, I traveled over 1,000 miles with events in Preston, Monroe, Ritchie, Gilmer, Mineral, Monongalia, and Ohio Counties. During these visits, we met with local leaders, held roundtables and factory tours with local businesses, and discussed important issues such as drug abuse and care for our veterans.

The week ended at the 100th Annual Meeting of the West Virginia Coal Association where I addressed the gathering this morning. At a time when the Obama Administration is attacking our coal industry with more destructive regulations, it is important our miners stay united and have the support of their elected leaders.

One of the highlights of the week was touring Warwood Tool in Wheeling on Wednesday(read the coverage here):

Picutre courtesy Wheeling Intelligencer

Obama Continues the War On Coal

On Monday, President Obama released his so-called “Clean Power Plan” which would fundamentally transform the energy industry in America. These regulations will increase energy costs on the people who can least afford it, kill jobs, raise prices for all goods, and make our electric grid less reliable.

And for what? The rule is intended to cut carbon emissions in the United States. But, according to the United Nations, if we shut down every coal-fired power plant, we would only reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by only 0.002%.

Along with Reps. Jenkins and Mooney, I authored a letter to Gov. Tomblin urging him not to comply with this destructive rule. I have spoken out against it many times and the House has passed legislation to put the rule on hold if it is too costly(which it will be in West Virginia). This week, I discussed the issue with the Mineral Daily News-Tribune.

We are a nation of laws, not regulations. I will keep up the fight against these destructive regulations.

Decision Makers

Last weekend, I joined Bray Cary for his Sunday morning Decision Makers discussion show. We discussed a range of issues facing the state of West Virginia and our nation. On the top of the list is the Iran nuclear deal and the various side agreements that Congress has not been properly briefed on. We also discussed how we need a unified voice to defend the American coal industry to protect our way of life in West Virginia.

Watch the entire segment by clicking below:

Not Just Another Birthday Party

It seems every week we have another interesting story about a World War II veteran. Whether they are graduating from West Virginia University, being honored in Washington, or punching the clockat their Wal-Mart job, the “Greatest Generation” is still active and making an impact today.

So when Aurora resident Sheridan Layman celebrated his birthday last week, it was a special occasion. He turned 101 on July 29. At the Aurora/Terra Alta VFW, Mr. Layman offered his thanks to all in attendance for their service and friendship.

Read more about this special occasion here(via the Preston County News & Journal).

Have a great week,

David McKinley

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