One Voice, One Coal

This week, the Congressional Coal Caucus named me as chairman and held its first meeting for the year. As chairman of the Caucus, we will unite our Western and Appalachian Representatives, industry leaders, and miners to ensure we have one, powerful voice pushing back against the Obama Administration’s War on Coal.

The Coal Caucus will re-energize the debate about our energy future and stand up for those families devastated by the Environmental Protection Agency’s(EPA)overreaching. The science simply does not support the President’s ideologically-driven environmental agenda, and we will make sure the American people know.

A priority for the Coal Caucus will be fighting the EPA’s destructive regulations on coal-fired power plants. And next week, my legislation to protect the jobs of the 316,000 American workers in the coal ash recycling and related industries will be on the House floor.

Obama Administration Dragging Its Feet on Pipeline Safety

In West Virginia, the Marcellus and Utica shale reserves are transforming the economy. We now have a second engine of growth to power our state alongside the coal industry.

But concerns over safety and the effectiveness of pipelines persist, despite a 2011 Congress passed to update the regulations for pipeline construction and maintenance. These rules would ensure safe, effective, and timely rules are in place.

Is the Obama Administration delaying implementation of important updates to undermine the success of natural gas development? Why are they so slow at implementing necessary changes that President Obama signed into law?

I asked the head of the pipeline safety how she would grade her agency’s performance. See if you can tell what grade she gave by clicking below:

Iran Deal Falls Short

In March of this year, 367 Members of Congress sent the President a bipartisan letterwith our requests for any Iranian nuclear agreement. Congress demanded dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear weapons capability, “short notice” inspections of suspect locations, and sanctions relief based on verifiable benchmarks. These were goals the Administration said they shared.

But we did not win unfettered inspections or a commitment to ending Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and Iran is poised to reap up to $140 billion in sanctions relief.

It seems we have once again been misled by an Administration more focused on its legacy and earning a Nobel Peace Prize than in securing a peaceful world for the United States and its allies. I have cosponsored a resolution expressing my disapproval of this deal.

Congress has 60 days from the submission of the deal to review it, hold hearings and floor debate, and then vote to approve. On Wednesday, I discussed the deal with Hoppy Kercheval on MetroNews, you may find the episode on their website.

A Disgusting Video

Americans were shaken this week by a disgusting video showing a Planned Parenthood senior official discussing the sale of aborted baby body parts – including “heart, lung, [and] liver.” You may watch the video here but, as a warning, it will make your stomach turn.

Today, the Energy & Commerce Oversight Subcommittee, on which I serve as the vice-chairman, sent a letter to Planned Parenthood’s CEO as a first step in our investigation of this disturbing discovery.

Every abortion is a tragedy, and we must make sure the nation’s largest abortion provider is not taking advantage of vulnerable women for its own profit.

Enough is Enough

The Obama Administration is after our coal miners again. This time, it is the Interior Department releasing a new regulation with the potential to destroy nearly 75,000 jobs nationwide.

They need to start listening to the American People. Every day Americans’ priorities are not killing jobs, shrinking our economy, and writing more and more rules. They are exactly the opposite. But this Administration refuses to listen.

Our West Virginia Congressional delegation stands united against this rule and will fight this attack on our coal industry.


Have a great week,

David McKinley

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