Empowering Parents, Not Bureaucrats

Our schools are failing our children. Twenty percent of high school seniors are dropping out, only 26% of those seniors are proficient in math, while 62% cannot read at a college level. Over the last few years, the Obama Administration has tried to meddle in our schools even more by imposing the Common Core federal standards. The status quo is not working – and things could get worse if we do not act.

That is why I voted for The Student Success Act, a set of conservative reforms to end Common Core coercion, return control to states and school boards, and allow parents to opt-out of burdensome tests.

This week, we began the journey to turn our education system around and let families have greater say in their children’s learning.

Two amendments I offered were also included in the bill. I invite you to click here to watch my speech about providing for special needs students. And click below for my amendment to ensure students’ skills match the needs of our employers:

21st Century Cures

The federal rules for funding medical research and approving new medicines are outdated. America has a rich history of scientific discovery, from putting a man on the moon to curing polio. But our current system is holding us back. With the right focus, we can find cures for devastating diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Bipartisan legislation passed in the House this week, the 21st Century Cures Act, will get us on the right track. This bill streamlines our clinical trials and reforms how research dollars are spent. In West Virginia, where WVU and Marshall University have shown promise in medical research, there is excitement about the opportunities available to us.

By clicking below, you can watch my floor speech on the bill:

Exports Yes; Taxes No

In a hearing this week about ending our outdated prohibition on oil exports, some of the speakers discussed imposing new taxes on any new exports. Too often, policymakers overlook the Constitution and its plain language.

Watch me set them straight:

First District Awards

In West Virginia’s First District we are home to a number of exceptional people, places, and businesses. Just this week, a number of our local institutions were recognized for their outstanding work.

Potomac State University and WVU-Parkersburg were both recognized for delivering high-quality education at an affordable price. Tuition at both universities is nearly half the national average.

Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown and United Hospital Center in Bridgeport have both distinguished themselves as leaders in using technology to improve patient care. This recognition from the American Hospital Association shows the leadership our area is taking in integrating high-tech solutions.

Good Things

Just in time for a beautiful summer weekend, The State Journal has released their “55 Good Things About West Virginia” highlighting events, businesses, and places that you should visit. They pick one from each district, so there are some wonderful choices in northern West Virginia. My pick for this weekend is The Sistersville Ferry.

Have a great week,

David McKinley

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