Protecting Our Coal Industry

The War on Coal is real and it is devastating West Virginia. President Obama’s onslaught of regulations has brought the coal industry to its knees. His extreme environmental policies are bankrupting coal companies, laying off thousands of miners and coal workers, and shutting down coal-fired power plants. West Virginia families deserve better than these bullying tactics from the EPA.

There is still a future for this safe, reliable, and efficient source of energy; and I intend to fight to protect our coal industry from unfair regulations. You deserve peace of mind that the government will not destroy your community just to pursue a dangerous ideology.

You can read my essay this week about the War on Coal here. And watch my discussion with Energy Secretary Moniz about the recent layoffs by clicking below:

Letter to Gov. Tomblin: Don’t Help EPA Kill Jobs

This week, I led a letter along with Reps. Mooney and Jenkins urging Governor Tomblin not to be complicit in the EPA’s damaging rules for coal power plants. The letter lays out the threats to West Virginia’s economy from the proposed rule. Our Governor and state government should not comply with this attack on our coal industry, and I call on him to fight these destructive regulations.

You may read the letter here.

Connect the Dots

What do the Empire State Building and ping-pong balls have to do with EPA regulations? I wrote an op-ed this week about how the EPA gets away with destructive new regulations by hiding the costs and hyping the benefits.

Please read it here and forward to your relatives, friends, and neighbors so they can connect the dots on regulations too!

Fighting Unfair Trade Practices

Small manufacturers and businesses across the First District are constantly struggling to compete with illegal and unfair competition from China and other countries. Yet when they file claims against large, state-supported companies they are at a distinct disadvantage. That’s why I offered an amendment to give these businesses the tools they need to level the playing field. The amendment passed the House this week with bipartisan support.

Watch my speech on the amendment here:

Standing up for Rural Hospitals

Medicaid is an important program for many West Virginians. It is vital that hospitals who serve the poor and vulnerable in our state can focus on delivering care. Instead, Medicaid administrators have begun threatening intrusive audits of hospitals delivering critical care in rural areas.

Click below to watch my questioning of the officials in charge of the audits:

Have a great week,

David McKinley

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