Are the Taliban terrorists?

On Thursday morning, America learned about another attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan that killed an American civilian. The President of Afghanistan immediately called the Taliban “terrorists and enemies.” Meanwhile, the White House refuses to designate the Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization.

Earlier this year, I introduced a resolution calling on President Obama to speak straight with the American people. Just hours after the news came of the attack, the resolution was scheduled for a vote in the Judiciary Committee. It passed, and the pressure is on the President to name our enemies.

Watch my speech from the House floor by clicking below:

Securing Our Nation, Strengthening Our Military

Our American military should not be dependent on other countries for our safety. We must be able to build the weapons, gear, and vehicles for our servicemen and women here in America. And when we meet with folks across West Virginia, they tell us how important it is to protect and rebuild our manufacturing base.

That is why I am proud the House passed a National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA)this week that ensures our safety while helping American manufacturers who are the key to a strong middle class. A new provision in the bill requires at least one potential American supplier of rocket motors for tactical missiles be considered by the Department of Defense.

In addition, two amendments I offered were included in the final legislation. One encourages research cooperation between the military and universities and the other establishes a program to help Reservists keep track of their service time.

Fighting EPA Overreach

Every week, it seems, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)is attempting to control more and more of our lives. On Tuesday, the House voted to stop their latest destructive measure, an attempt to regulate puddles and ditches on farms and at construction sites. These are not the “navigable waters” EPA is allowed by law to regulate, instead this is an abuse of their power.

For example, here is one of the waters they want to regulate just as if it were a lake or stream:

It defies common sense to punish farmers and homeowners for something Mother Nature controls.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

I am proudly pro-life and have been my entire life. That is why I voted on Wednesday to protect unborn children capable of feeling pain. H.R. 36 strikes a common-sense balance to defend the most vulnerable members of our society. This bill is similar to West Virginia’s own law, which strikes a common-sense balance supported by sound science and a majority of the American people.

Congratulations Graduate

Anthony Brutto will graduate from WVU this Sunday along with 4,500 other students. Mr. Brutto deserves a special mention though because he will earn his degree 70 years after beginning his studies.

A war(World War II), raising a family, and a few different careers sidetracked him, but “it was always important to me to graduate,” he says. Read Mr. Brutto’s full story here.

Have a great week,

David McKinley

This week, Congress passed legislation requiring President Obama to submit any nuclear deal with Iran for an up-or-down vote.

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