It’s Your Money

Tax Day this week is a good reminder of who Congress works for – hard-working families across America. According to data from 2013, Americans spend more than 6 billion hours and as much as $378 billion filing their taxes each year - they deserve a fairer, simpler tax code that fits their lives. Instead, they have an IRS that unfairly targets conservatives for their political beliefs and taxes them for dying.

This week, the House passed a series of bills to restore accountability at the IRS, including the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Act and to repeal the burdensome death tax. West Virginia families should have peace of mind that the money they earn can serve their children and grandchildren, not be taken by Uncle Sam.

State Powers, not Federal Mandates

In the Energy and Commerce Committee we approved one bill and held a hearing on another that would return decisions to the states, and away from Washington bureaucrats.

Legislation I sponsored to protect 316,000 jobs reliant on the coal ash industry was approved by the Committee and awaits a vote before the whole House. This bipartisan bill would empower state governments to make common-sense decisions about managing coal ash.

At a hearing on Tuesday, an EPA Assistant Administrator claimed that the new regulations to close coal power plants would actually reduce Americans’ energy bills. Seriously.

Watch here:

Strengthening Medicare

The President signed a bipartisan bill passed by the House a couple weeks ago to end harmful cuts to Medicare doctors. By putting in real reforms while protecting those seniors least able to pay, this compromise law permanently removes the threat to seniors and their doctors.

But there is still more work to be done to ensure the Medicare system will last for all Americans into the future. That is why the Health Subcommittee held a hearing on my legislation to strengthen Medicare’s finances while improving care. In Washington, it is assumed more money is the only way to fix things. Instead, my bill would help seniors recover faster after a hospital visit and save money by spending smarter.

Watch my introduction of the bill:

Dear President Obama: Let’s Use Our Resources

This President has claims that he is a fighter on energy – except he is always fighting against using American energy resources. His latest plan to allow for development of safe oil drilling in the Atlantic Ocean lists only one permit. And that permit would not allow for drilling until 2021. A plan like this weakens our economy, kills job growth, and ensures we remain dependent on foreign sources of oil.

Along with more than a hundred of my colleagues, I signed a letter this week demanding the President re-think this plan and engage in a common-sense plan with Congress to put Americans to work by safely using our natural resources.

Have a great week,

David McKinley

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