Standing up for 316,000 American workers

On Wednesday, the Energy & Commerce Committee held a hearing to discuss the benefits of my coal ash legislation. Our plan would give assurances to workers threatened by vague Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)regulations on coal ash.

316,000 Americans depend on coal ash for their livelihood – manufacturing everyday products like drywall and concrete. We need to ensure these people are not hurt by the EPA’s misguided regulations. As the Wheeling Intelligencer put it, our bill “will safeguard the public - and avoid loss of as many as 316,000 jobs that would have been affected by the initial plan.”

Watch a clip from the hearing:

Modernizing Medicare

Medicare is an important program for seniors, and this week I introduced legislation to strengthen it. The Bundling and Coordinating Post-Acute Care Act(BACPAC)will strengthen Medicare by improving care for seniors through private-sector "care coordinators" who will ease the decision-making process after a hospital stay.

This bipartisan legislation will also save as much as $50 billion. By enacting these improvements, we can give seniors piece of mind about their own care and the health of the Medicare system. Read more about the bill here.

Bringing Accountability to the EPA

This week, the House passed two bills to ensure the EPA is open and transparent about their scientific findings. Under the Obama Administration, the EPA has become more partisan and ideological. Their politicized activism is undermining their credibility and encouraging bad regulations.

My amendment to the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act would prohibit those who write EPA’s rules from receiving money from EPA contracts and grants. By requiring a three year “cooling off period”, we can assure the advisers maintain their impartiality.

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Building Bridges on Energy

The annual gathering of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Edison Energy Institute brings together energy and labor leaders to discuss the issues facing the industry. On Tuesday, I was honored to speak to the gathering about the future of the power industry and the challenges faced by overregulation.

The statistics are startling – the EPA’s own estimates show their clean power plan will shut down 50 gigawatts of coal power in the next 5 years. That’s on top of the 60 GW shutting down due to the EPA’s mercury and air toxic standards. That’s a total of 110 GW of lost capacity – in a country that creates only 300 GW.

What does that mean? It means that on the coldest days in January, or the hottest days in July, our power grid is more likely to fail because of misguided EPA regulations. It means that fewer jobs will be created here in America as manufacturers move overseas. And it means continued reliance on foreign countries for our energy needs.

I will continue to fight these regulations and protect Americans from the EPA’s dangerous ideology.

All Cost, No Benefit with the EPA

In a hearing this week on the EPA’s plans to shutdown coal power plants across the nation, we discussed the benefits and costs of their plan. Their plan would shut down power plants, kill jobs, and drive manufacturers overseas, but for what benefit?

Watch here:

Mountaineers Update

The Mountaineers drew a #5 seed in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and will face off against 12-seeded Buffalo TODAY at 2:10pm on TNT. Take our survey on the sidebar to sound off on who will win!

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David McKinley

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