The State of the Union: We Deserve Better

Tuesday evening, President Obama addressed America and delivered a misleading outlook about our economy and what our government’s priorities should be in his State of the Union address. His priorities, like raising taxes, have no chance of being adopted and merely serve to divide the nation.

Americans deserve better. They simply want government to be more efficient, effective, and accountable. In our first two weeks, the House has passed five major, bipartisan pieces of legislation. These are common-sense solutions to improve economic opportunity, such as approving the Keystone XL Pipeline, streamlining regulations, and restoring the 40-hour work week, which was undercut by Obamacare, yet the President has issued veto threats to all of these.

The new American Congress will continue to work our constituents. The President can go on blocking jobs bills, threatening vetoes, and causing gridlock. In the meantime, we’ll get to work for the people who sent us here – the hard-working taxpayers who deserve better than what they have experienced in the last six years.

For the State of the Union I was joined by my guest Larry Gore, a coal miner from Fairmont, WV who works at the Leer Mine in Grafton. Mr. Gore was invited to highlight the vital role coal miners play in powering America’s economy – a role too often under attack during this President’s war on coal.

Full video of my remarks responding to the President's speech can be viewed here.


Getting Certainty on Coal Ash Regulations

The House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing on coal ash regulations this week, an issue we have been working on over the past four years.  The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)recently finalized a regulation in December that designates coal ash as a non-hazardous material, but leaves open future changes that could negatively impact job creators.  We need clarity for businesses and workers, that’s why I have lead legislation to address coal ash regulations.  In the 112th and 113th Congresses this legislation passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support and I plan to introduce similar legislation in the coming months.

The EPA’s regulation is unacceptable because it provides no assurances to the business community and perpetuates uncertainty.  Amazingly, when questioned during the hearing, even EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus would not say to me if coal ash is a hazardous material, which creates even more ambiguity. Common-sense legislation is required to correct this and create certainty.


No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions

Obamacare was sold to the American people under false pretenses – that it would not directly fund abortions. Just like ‘you can keep your doctor and keep your plan,’ President Obama misled the American people about abortion funding.

Yesterday, on the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision, the House passed a bipartisan bill that would permanently end taxpayer funding of abortion. For decades the Hyde Amendment has protected taxpayers from directly funding elective abortion, and today's bill would make the Hyde Amendment permanent law. It will also end the loopholes in Obamacare that are providing funding through taxpayer dollars.

Along with Senator Capito and the rest of the West Virginia Delegation, I was eager to welcome visitors from West Virginians for Life to Washington, DC, as they participated in the March for Life. It is encouraging to see so many make the trek and stand out in the cold to celebrate the gift of life. A special thanks to you all, especially Karen Cross and Wanda Franz.


Streamlining Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting

West Virginia is blessed with an abundance of natural gas, but in order to fully benefit, there needs to be infrastructure in place. That’s why I voted for H.R. 161, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, to streamline permitting for natural gas pipelines, which will create jobs and help promote American energy independence.

The United States requires thousands of miles of pipeline to carry new supplies of natural gas. If pipelines are approved in a timely manner, West Virginians would benefit from construction and manufacturing jobs, like the proposed cracker facility in Wood County.

We’ve already seen some benefits to jobs and economic growth due to the Marcellus Shale. However, there is potential for much greater, longer-term growth if we can build the necessary infrastructure.


Planning a Trip to Washington?

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If you want an appointment just give my office a call at 202-225-4172, or submit a request on my website at www.mckinley.house.gov.

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