Dear Fellow West Virginians,

September 11th will always remain a tragic day as we remember those who have paid the ultimate price. The horrific events that occurred on that day have deeply impacted the American way of life. To me, our country was built on the foundation of liberty and freedom. On that September day, there was an attempt to destroy our country’s core principles and damage the American spirit. That attempt was not successful.

Ten years ago, our entire nation watched in horror as our country was invaded by terrorists and our way of life was threatened. The fire fighters, police officers, first responders and everyday citizens who gave their lives will forever be remembered as true heroes. Those who wear a uniform live ordinary lives and are asked to perform extraordinary tasks every day.

Post-9/11, we have seen the creation of a new cabinet agency with wide powers to help keep us safe. The Department of Homeland Security and the creation of the TSA have changed many aspects of everyday life. President Bush faced and President Obama now faces a different reality than previous presidents when it comes to our national security. In the wake of September 11th our government was forced to take drastic measures to ensure our country’s safety. That has justifiably caused concerns among small-government conservatives and liberty-minded independents and Democrats.

Our military efforts throughout the world have expanded greatly since 9/11. We are involved in three wars and are constantly fighting the war on terror at home. I would encourage everyone to take some time on the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 to reflect on the great sacrifice given by the men and women who lost their lives on September 11th and members of the Armed Forces who have died in these subsequent wars.  We must remember the continued sacrifice of our military as they afford us with the rights we have today.

Our country was changed on that day but not broken. As we remember the brave sacrifice made by so many 10 years ago, please remember the courage of our nation as we joined together to show solidarity in a time of great despair. My wife Mary and I ask everyone to keep in their hearts and prayers those who are serving overseas. God Bless our troops, our families and God Bless America.


David B. McKinley, P.E.
Member of Congress

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