House Majority Leader Announces McKinley’s Jobs Bill on Coal Ash To Get House Vote This Fall

Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced Monday that the House will be advancing a jobs agenda this fall. As part of the House Republican effort to protect and create American jobs, Cantor said in a memo that McKinley’s jobs legislation on coal ash, H.R. 2273, will hit the floor this coming October or November.

“These anti-infrastructure regulations, commonly referred to as the ‘coal ash’ rules, will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, affecting everything from concrete production to building products like wall board,” Cantor’s memo states. “The result is an estimated loss of well over 100,000 jobs.  H.R. 2273, the Coals Residuals Reuse and Management Act, sponsored by Rep. David McKinley(WV), would create an enforceable minimum standard for the regulation of coal ash by the states, allowing their use in a safe manner that protects jobs.”

Last year, the EPA created a stigma surrounding coal ash with their proposed regulation to make it a hazardous material. A June 2011 Veritas economic report stated that the EPA’s hazardous designation would cost up to $110 billion with estimated job losses ranging from 184,000 to 316,000.

“Leader Cantor’s announcement is encouraging for all Americans,” Rep. McKinley said. “The House has already acted on several pro-job growth measures but the Senate continues to dither. With no sign of economic recovery in sight, it is my hope that the Senate and the President get serious about jobs. But if they continue to refuse to act, we will. Regulatory overreach is killing jobs in this country and preventing the creation of new ones. Here in West Virginia, we know the negative impact the EPA’s War on Coal is having on our economy. Their proposed coal ash rule will not only hurt coal, but it will also damage dozens of other industries and eliminate jobs across the country.

“My bill attracted a strong showing of bi-partisan support in the Energy and Commerce Committee this past July and I am thankful that leaders in Congress have identified it as a vehicle for job growth in West Virginia and the entire country. This bill will prevent hundreds of dollars in increased electricity costs, stop hundreds of thousands of job losses, strengthen and protect public health, and tighten the disposal and the management of coal ash, ultimately giving states control of the program and the ability to work with the EPA to ensure it is handled, stored and monitored properly. It is good for the economy and the environment, and it will help put West Virginians back to work.”


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