Rep. McKinley: No Blank Check for Obama

Obama and Democrats Refuse to Negotiate Over Debt Limit Increase

Today, Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-WV) issued the following statement after opposing increasing the debt limit with nearly 200 of his colleagues:

“On principle, I agree we should never default on our debt and we must pay our bills. But there’s a big difference between principles and tactics. The tactic of giving a blank check to the President and the Democrat-controlled Senate to continue spending is not responsible. With a $17.3 trillion dollar debt that is growing every day, we can’t ignore this problem and pass this debt on to our children and grandchildren.”

“President Obama and the Democrats ran up this bill. It’s unfair for them to pass it onto future generations without making changes to reduce spending and grow the economy.”

“Fixing this debt will require real structural changes and significant reforms. That’s why I’ve supported proposals including a Balanced Budget Amendment, reining in excessive regulations that hurt jobs and the middle class, and fixing the problems with the health care law. All of these reforms would slow spending and help grow the economy.”

“Paying our bills is responsible, but so is finding ways to reduce this massive debt.”

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