ICYMI: McKinley Blasts Out-of-Touch Democrats

While war in Ukraine rages, and gas prices skyrocket, Democrats focus on Daylight Savings Time, Electric Vehicles

Washington, D.C. — Today, during the Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on electric vehicles, Congressman David B. McKinley, P.E. (WV-01), blasted Democrats’ for being tone deaf to the serious issues facing the U.S.

Watch his remarks here.

“While the world is facing yet another crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Energy and Commerce Committee Democrats are holding hearings on electric vehicles and Daylight Savings Time. Seriously? This showcases just how out-of-touch they are and is a reminder that they are failing to address the most pressing issues facing this country,” said Rep. McKinley.

“Under President Biden and Democratic leadership’s policies, we are witnessing Putin’s deadly, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, on top of 40-year high inflation and skyrocketing gas prices that are squeezing American families,” said Rep. McKinley.

“The need to restore American energy independence has never been more obvious,” said Rep. McKinley. “Yet Democrats don’t want to talk about that and are determined to divert attention from their President’s continued track record of failures.”

“We should be taking decisive action, kick-starting domestic energy production by reopening the Keystone pipeline, bolstering domestic coal, oil and gas production, streamlining energy permitting, and removing President Biden’s burdensome restrictions American energy,” said Rep. McKinley. “Instead of turning to American energy in West Virginia or Texas, President Biden is begging other dictators in Venezuela and Iran for more energy.”

Excerpts and highlights from Rep. McKinley’s prepared remarks:

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I’d like to reinforce what former Chairman Upton said in his remarks. War has broken out in Ukraine, inflation is at a 40-year high, gas prices $5……$6……$7 a gallon, and fentanyl is pouring across the southern border in this country……killing nearly 300 people a day in America.

“So, with all of this going on……I find it incredible that the Democrats are trying to divert our attention a having a hearing on electric vehicles today and tomorrow……Daylight Savings Time…Seriously……are they tone deaf to what’s going on in America and around the world?

“Mr. Chairman……this powerful and influential Committee should be talking about issues that matter to Americans today.

“Energy security is national security……we’ve had testimony time and time again about that……and the U.S. cannot let Russia continue to manipulate the energy market.

“By increasing our energy production……the U.S. could be providing access to a reliable and affordable supply of energy at home and to allies abroad.

“Europe’s premature “rush to green” has raised serious concerns about the huge increases in costs to consumers.  Consequently, last fall……Reuters reported that rising gas prices have led to European utilities switching from gas back to coal for power……and all indications point to that trend continuing. According to Reuters……in 2021, Russia exported 31.1 million tons of thermal coal to Europe.

“So keep in mind, the spot market today in Europe is nearly $450 a ton……9 times what it was in 2020. So the IEA has recommended switching fuel back to coal could wean Europe off of Russian energy.”


This week, Rep. McKinley introduced a bill, the Regaining Energy Freedom and Undeniable Security and Preserving U.S. Trade Interests Now Act or REFUSE PUTIN Act, to ban Russian energy exports to the U.S., while at the same time, taking important steps to regain American energy independence.

Read more about the REFUSE PUTIN Act here.

Rep. McKinley also introduced a resolution following the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, that urges the Biden Administration to restore American energy dominance and protect the United States' energy security.  

Read H Res. 940 here.


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