ICYMI: McKinley Demands Action Making Deadly Fentanyl Derivatives Permanently Illegal

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Stall, While More Americans Die From Fentanyl-Related Overdoses

Washington, D.C. - Congressman David B. McKinley, P.E. (WV-01) addressed the United States House of Representatives on Wednesday, demanding Democrats bring the HALT Fentanyl Act up for a vote, immediately, to ensure that law enforcement retain the ability to prosecute dealers trafficking fentanyl derivatives. The current provision is set to expire February 18, 2022.  

VIDEO: McKinley Speaks on HALT Fentanyl Act on US House Floor

More on the HALT Fentanyl Act:

This bill permanently adds fentanyl derivatives to the DEA drug schedule, which is set to expire February 18, 2022. The HALT Fentanyl Act provides law enforcement with tools to keep traffickers and dealers from pushing these deadly substances into communities. It also begins to address the record high, 100,000 opioid and fentanyl-related overdose deaths in the last year.

A transcript of Rep. McKinley’s Remarks:

Thank you, Madam Speaker.

My Question: Why hasn’t Speaker Pelosi called for a vote on the HALT Fentanyl Act?  Which would make dangerous fentanyl derivatives illegal… and permanent.

Look, drug overdoses from fentanyl and its derivatives have skyrocketed, hitting a tragically high level: 100,000 people died in America last year.

Law enforcement officials in West Virginia are frustrated. From Clarksburg, Parkersburg, Martinsburg, they’re all saying the same thing, Madam Speaker.

Enough is enough.

A slap on the wrist and fentanyl dealers are back on the street pushing their deadly poison into the hands of our children.

What is Speaker Pelosi waiting for? Close the border, put traffickers in jail, increase sentences for dealers. Keep them out of our neighborhoods.

Madam Speaker: Enough is enough.

Children are losing their mothers, wives are losing their husbands, parents are losing their children.

How many more people will lose their lives from fentanyl derivatives before democrats take action on this legislation.

I’ll say it one last time…. Enough is enough.

Thank you and I yield back.

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