McKinley: President Biden’s Year of Crisis, Failure

Biden’s Failed Leadership Hurts American Families and Risks National Security

Washington, D.C. – Congressman David B. McKinley, P.E. (WV-01) issued a statement today highlighting the numerous disappointments of the Biden Administration’s failed leadership, one year after President Joe Biden was sworn into office.

“The Biden Administration has failed to lead on issues important to American families, instead choosing to push Democrats’ out-of-touch agenda, including policies that Conservatives have defeated, like the $4.9 Trillion social spending, Build Back Broke legislation, and a reckless attempt to weaken election integrity and security by nationalizing elections,” said McKinley.

“President Biden’s first year in office is marked by historic crises and American families are far worse off than they were one year ago,” said McKinley.

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Economic Crisis:

American families are feeling the strain of a rising 40-year high inflation rate, which amounts to a tax on Americans, on top of higher gas and energy prices, a supply chain shortage leaving store shelves bare, a stagnating workforce and no solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Energy Crisis:

President Biden has forced America to rely on foreign oil and energy by closing essential natural gas pipelines as part of his anti-energy agenda. As a result, energy prices have skyrocketed and gas prices have increased nearly 50% in a single year.

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Immigration Crisis and Illegal Drug Trafficking:

The immigration crisis at the southern border has worsened under President Biden. There have been 1.7 million illegal immigrants apprehended at the border, begging the question how many more have traveled into this country?

In addition, we’ve seen an unnerving amount of Chinese fentanyl make its way into our communities and contributing to the highest drug overdose death rate we’ve ever seen in this country.  

McKinley Demands Answers From Biden Administration On Border Crisis, Drug Trafficking


Foreign Policy Failures:

President Biden continues to show weakness in defending the U.S. against foreign adversaries, relying on Chinese and Russian energy, while suggesting that no action would be taken should Russia move into Ukraine.

President Biden failed Putin’s latest test of our strength and following a failed Afghanistan withdrawal, there is little doubt that China is taking note of American vulnerabilities.

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Covid Crisis:

President Biden said he would “shut down” the virus, but his failure has caused families to struggle, with record hospitalizations this month and more deaths in 2021 than the year prior. Testing shortages have delayed our recovery from the pandemic, resulting in our children’s education suffering as schools remain closed.

President Biden has been more focused on mandating vaccines on businesses than addressing testing shortages or getting kids back to school.

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