ICYMI: McKinley Named 'Statesman of the Year' by West Virginia News

ICYMI: McKinley Named 'Statesman of the Year' by West Virginia News

Read Full Article: Getting things done for the Mountain State: Rep. David McKinley named WV News' Statesman of the Year

WV News Editorial: McKinley has served West Virginia well with true statesmanship

A few minutes with U.S. Rep. David McKinley makes you realize you’re not talking to a career politician.

He’s direct. He’s focused. And he’s knowledgeable.

More important all of that, though, is he listens. He listens when he agrees; he listens, perhaps more, when he doesn’t.

He’s inquisitive by nature and always wants to learn.

McKinley has stood up to those wanting to move quickly away from coal, oil and natural gas, providing a clear, concise and reasoned argument of why that just doesn’t make sense.

He’s not a climate change denier, but he doesn’t worship at the alter of the alleged all-knowing, instead keeping an open mind. And he knows that unless all countries — China, India and Russia included — are willing to forgo the very fuels that have powered U.S. greatness, all we’ll be doing is jacking up our fuel prices while some of our biggest adversaries will be benefited from their continued use.

McKinley also has been a huge advocate for veterans and miners benefits, often joining with West Virginia’s senators, Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito, to foster legislation that have improved programs for those individuals as well as many others.

While McKinley has had many shining moments during his tenure in Congress, which began in 2011, 2021 has given him the opportunity to stand ever stronger for the state and nation that he loves.

McKinley’s support of the infrastructure bill, a move in which he and 12 other Republicans had to decide to break with the Republican Party leadership, is a prime example of the type of statesmanship that used to be more commonplace in Washington, D.C.

“When you say, ‘I’m going to deprive West Virginia,’ that’s a personal fight for me,” McKinley told WV News. “And I told them, ‘I can’t do it.’”

McKinley saw that the infrastructure bill of 2021 was finally the chance to make the lives of West Virginians better — with better roads, bridges and improved broadband.

“Finally, we have an infrastructure plan that will get us out of the bottom,” McKinley said. “Sometimes, you have to put politics aside. They wanted to wait four more years. They wanted to wait until we (Republicans) had a majority. I don’t think the people of West Virginia and this nation wanted to wait four years.”

We strongly believe that McKinley made the right choice for West Virginia and these United States. That may cause some Republicans to question his party loyalty, but rest assured, McKinley is still a bonafide conservative Republican.

But more than anything, he’s a proud American and West Virginian. And because of that, he’s going to do what he believes is right for both this state and the nation.

That is called statesmanship, and McKinley proudly wears the title of WV News’ Statesman of the Year award because of it.

We applaud his efforts.

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