Far-left “Squad,” Conservative Commentators Agree: Passing Infrastructure Doomed Social Spending Bill

Washington, DC – Today, Representative David B. McKinley (WV-01), issued the following statement on the Democrats failed $5 Trillion social spending bill.

“By passing the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill, which included 100 percent hard infrastructure funding, we helped defeat the Democrats reckless Build Back Better $5 Trillion spending bill. Not only will West Virginia get the hard infrastructure investments we need in roads, water, and broadband, the out-of-touch socialist policies have been stopped,” said McKinley.

“This strategy saved American families from the worst parts of the Biden Administration’s agenda. We removed the only leverage the far left had,” said McKinley. “If you don’t believe me, just look at what they have been saying since the social spending bill died.”

AOC, Omar & "The Squad" AdmitTaking Infrastructure Hostage Was 
"The Only Leverage We Had"

“There are six of us that have been saying this all along: Representative Ocasio-Cortez, Representative Pressley, Representative Tlaib, Representative Bowman, Representative Omar and myself.

"We have been saying this for weeks that this would happen…having those coupled together was the only leverage we had. And what did the caucus do? We tossed it.” 

Rep. Cori Bush on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, 12/19/21

It’s an outcome we warned about well over a month ago…it’s why we insisted having the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill coupled and passed together with the Build Back Better act.” 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 12/20/21

I had great concerns and I take no joy in those fears playing out in real time, by decoupling these bills that we would cede all of our leverage.” 

Rep. Ayanna Pressley on CNN State of the Union, 12/19/21

What Conservatives Are Saying About 
Pro-Infrastructure Republicans:

"The Most Effective Political Gambit In Recent Memory"

“In chess, a gambit is when a player sacrifices a piece, usually a pawn, early in a game to obtain some larger competitive advantage.
We can now say that the 13 Republicans who voted in early November to pass the infrastructure bill pulled off one of the most effective political gambits in recent memory.” 

David Marcus, Manchin kills Build Back Better and gives nation – and Republicans – a big win, Fox News, 12/19/21

This is vindication for every Republican who supported the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Every Republican who claimed that BIF would pave the way for BBB was flat out wrong. Today doesn’t happen without BIF getting done.”

Senior GOP aidePolitico Playbook, 12/19/21

“This was of course exactly the strategy of most of the Republicans who supported the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the Senate. They wanted it for its own sake, to be sure, and also to help preserve the filibuster (which their effort surely did help to do).
But they also saw that separating the more popular and traditional legislative elements from the more partisan and radical ones could make it much harder for the Democrats to move their broader agenda.

Three months ago, I wrote around here that I thought:

Senate passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill has badly undermined the Democrats’ capacity to pursue their more partisan progressive agenda. That doesn’t mean it will doom that agenda, of course, but it has harmed it. Separating actual infrastructure spending from the more ambitious progressive agenda has intensified the divisions between moderate and progressive Democrats, and has set their interests squarely against one another, rather than giving them a single legislative vehicle to champion for their separate purposes.

Yuval Levin, How Build Back Better Was Derailed — For NowNational Review Online, 12/16/21


“But calmly looking beyond knee-jerk emotion and even hypocrisy, perhaps House and Senate Republicans who supported BIF did so specifically because they presumed its passage would hinder Democrats’ ability to move forward with Build Back Better’s (BBB) socialist goals.

By accommodating physical infrastructure, these Republicans successfully decoupled the smaller, more popular bill from the profligate and wholly partisan BBB. This also allowed moderate Democrats, who sought the infrastructure deal, to avoid stomaching BBB’s absurd provisions.

The idea that one bill would pave the way for the other — as many in talk radio and cable news ranted — never made sense; otherwise, Democrats would not have split the bills up in the first place.”

A.J. Kaufman, Republicans Who Supported Bipartisan Infrastructure Vindicated by BBB's Failures, PJ Media, 12/17/21

“For the members of the so-called “Squad” who voted against a separate infrastructure bill in November, Manchin’s effective killing of the bill, which cannot pass without his vote, represented exactly what they warned would happen if the House passed the infrastructure bill without firm commitment from Manchin or a Senate vote on Build Back Better.”

Emily Brooks, Told you so: Squad and pro-infrastructure House Republicans say Manchin proved them right, Washington Examiner, 12/20/21


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