ICYMI: What State Community, Industry Leaders Are Saying About the State of Infrastructure in WV

Washington, D.C. - West Virginia will receive an estimated $6 Billion in funding as a result of the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. This funding will go directly to restoring and modernizing hard infrastructure, including: 

  • Roads and bridges
  • Water and sewer systems
  • Reliable broadband connectivity
  • Addressing flood prone regions 
  • Modernizing airports
  • Cleaning up abandoned mines

West Virginia ranks last in infrastructure according to U.S. News and World Report. We've heard from state community and business leaders across West Virginia who have expressed the desperate need for additional funding to make these essential repairs to aging infrastructure. These leaders have since voiced their support for the influx of hard infrastructure funding that will move these critical projects forward.  

What they are saying...

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice:

"It took guts for Rep. McKinley to put politics aside and vote for this investment in hard infrastructure -- including roads, bridges, broadband and upgrades to aging water lines -- that will directly benefit West Virginia with $6 billion in funding. He understands this will be good for West Virginia and I thank him."

"There is a lot of confusion out there, and I want to point out that the infrastructure bill is distinctly different than the frivolous social spending bill, which McKinley does not support." 

West Virginia Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston

"There’s a lot of programs in this bill [the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill] – it’s a big, bold idea as well. It’s much needed. I can’t thank Senator Manchin, Senator Capito and Congressman McKinley enough for their support of this and for sticking with it." LISTEN to Secretary Wriston's full comments.

West Virginia Municipal League Executive Director Travis L. Blosser:

"On behalf of the WV Municipal League I want to thank Congressman David McKinley for his support of the Bipartisan infrastructure bill recently passed by Congress. Our Cities, Towns and Villages need this vital funding to improve Water, Sewer and Broadband access for every West Virginian."

"Congressman McKinley has consistently fought for more infrastructure funding and we appreciate his leadership in seeing this transformative piece of legislation pass." WATCH video. 

West Virginia Municipal League President Mayor Chris Tatum:

"Infrastructure funding is vitally important to our communities and we appreciate Senator Manchin, Senator Capito and Congressman McKinley for their support in seeing this bill through."

County Commissioners’ Association of West Virginia:

"As counties, we are grateful for the vision shown by those congressional leaders who supported the passage of the infrastructure bill. Here in West Virginia, this is about the collective, the spirit, and the future of our state."

"These dollars will make a tremendous difference in each of our communities. The bipartisan partnership on this initiative shows we can and will move forward." 

West Virginia Rural Water Association Executive Director Todd Grinstead:

"On behalf of the West Virginia Rural Water Association’s [wvrwa] 245 water and wastewater utility system members serving small and rural communities across the Mountain State, we are writing to extend our appreciation to you, Representative McKinley, for voting for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684) which will be of great benefit to rural West Virginia…"

"WVRWA also applauds Rep. McKinley’s leadership throughout this process to secure more than $350 million to modernize and fix aging water and sewer systems while also fighting for n new of increased taxes. This legislation does not include any new federal mandates on local governments. West Virginia’s small and rural communities have more difficulty affording public drinking water and wastewater service due to lack of population density and lack of economies of scale. Likewise, they have a much more challenging time complying with federal Clean Water Act permits and Safe Drinking Water Act regulations." READ WVRWA letter.

President of the West Virginia Coal Association Chris Hamilton

"As our nation moves forward to implement the trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure legislation to update and modernize America’s roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure, West Virginia coal will once again be called upon to provide the energy that will create the steel and provide the power to propel this massive, nationwide undertaking."

"This is tremendous news that holds great promise for all American citizens and the future of our country. We applaud Senators Manchin and Capito and Congressman McKinley for supporting this transformational legislation."

"For West Virginia, this investment is exponentially beneficial. Not only will we see a significant buildout and repair of our infrastructure and transportation systems, but our miners and coal industry stand to be recognized and, hopefully, appreciated for stepping up to meet the task at hand."

"As you witness this incredible once-in-a-lifetime restoration and buildout of America’s infrastructure, think of our miners and industrial workers and what they represent to our great state." READ full article.

West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts:

"Businesses need a solid infrastructure to conduct commerce and this important legislation makes a significant investment in the traditional ‘hard infrastructure’ of the United States."

Contractors Association of West Virginia CAWV President Nate Orders:

"I would like to thank all CAWV members who contacted West Virginia’s congressional delegation on the need to pass a meaningful infrastructure investment bill. This bill will create economic development and thousands of good paying construction jobs. It will also improve the quality of life in all sections of our state."

"The CAWV would like to thank Senator Shelley Moore Capito, Senator Joe Manchin, and Rep. David McKinley for their tireless efforts to gain passage of this important piece of legislation to our nation and our state."



McKinley Statements:

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