The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: A Win for West Virginia

Major investments in roads, broadband, water lines and flood control…not reckless social spending

What’s NOT in the Infrastructure bill?

  • There are NO new or increased taxes.
  • All reckless spending on “social infrastructure” in in the Reconciliation bill
    • McKinley opposes and has fought against the Democrats’ SEPARATE partisan $4 trillion spending bill.

What IS IN the Infrastructure bill for West Virginia?

  • West Virginia will receive $3.013 BILLION FOR ROADS AND BRIDGES – a robust increase over current funding levels.
    • West Virginia will receive over $500 million specifically for bridges.
    • Dedicated funding for the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) and an additional $195 million to complete projects like Corridor H.
  • Significant investment of more than $350 million to help West Virginia MODERNIZE AND FIX AGING WATER AND SEWER SYSTEMS.
    • West Virginia will receive $143 million from the Drinking Water
      State Revolving Fund
      and $223 million from the Clean Water
      State Revolving Fund
    • Includes funding for lead pipe replacement in communities like Clarksburg and clean-up of PFAS contamination.
  • Major FUNDING FOR BROADBAND DEPLOYMENT to ensure West Virginia is not left behind in the new economy.
    • West Virginia will receive at least $100 million for broadband deployment on top of additional funding for unserved and
      underserved communities.
    • Dedicated funding to rural areas through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) ReConnect program.
  • Will ADDRESS INLAND FLOODING by investing $2.5 billion in flood mitigation.
    • This will help flood-prone communities across West Virginia that are plagued by flooding problems.
  • Provides FUNDING FOR AIRPORTS IN COMMUNITIES ACROSS WEST VIRGINIA, including Clarksburg, Morgantown, Wheeling and Parkersburg. 
    • These airports have the potential to be centers of economic development and job creation.
  • Assigns billions to CLEAN UP ABANDONED MINE LANDS and orphaned
    oil and gas wells
    • This will benefit communities across West Virginia by improving the quality of life and attracting greater economic development.
  • Helps protect a future for coal and natural gas by making transformative INVESTMENTS IN LARGE SCALE CARBON CAPTURE UTILIZATION AND STORAGE (CCUS) PROJECTS and infrastructure.
    • This will preserve West Virginia energy jobs and bring more investment to the state.

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