McKinley Statement on Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

WASHINGTON –Congressman David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-WV) issued the following statement after the House voted to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill:

“Tonight, instead of playing politics, I put America and West Virginia first,” said McKinley.

“America’s infrastructure has been in dire need of modernization and this bipartisan infrastructure bill is what community leaders from one panhandle to the other have expressed that West Virginia needs to restore our aging infrastructure.”

“Let me be clear: the bipartisan infrastructure bill is a completely separate bill from the $4 trillion reckless, partisan Reconciliation Bill that includes funding for Democrat’s far left wish list, which I strongly oppose.”

“Look, President Trump proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure plan during his administration, but Democrats played politics and made sure it did not happen. We cannot let our communities suffer the consequences of gamesmanship this time around.”

“The bipartisan plan that passed the House will help transform West Virginia, resulting in better roads, reliable internet across our state, and needed upgrades to water systems that were built a century ago.”

“We’ve all heard stories of children in West Virginia sitting in parking lots to do their schoolwork because their homes are not connected to reliable broadband internet. Tonight, I voted for those kids, and to give the next generation of West Virginians hope for a brighter future,” added McKinley.

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