McKinley: Reckless Pelosi Tax and Spend Plan Means Increased Costs, Fewer Jobs, and a Stronger China

McKinley Opposes Partisan Bill After Marathon Energy and Commerce Committee Meeting

Today, Congressman David McKinley voted against a massive, irresponsible spending plan that will hurt families with higher prices and higher taxes, destroy energy jobs, and place America’s economy at a disadvantage to China.

For 48 hours over the last three days, the Energy and Commerce considered the wide-ranging package that included policies ranging from a tax on natural gas to more government-controlled health care. The bill will now be combined into a $3.5 trillion tax and spend scheme that the Democrats are trying to rush through on party-lines.   

“Simply put, this plan is a reckless, radical transformation of our country that moves us towards a socialist, Green New Deal model,” said McKinley. “It will result in more government intrusion and control in our lives, higher prices, and fewer jobs. It will put America at a competitive disadvantage to China.”

“This $3.5 trillion partisan spending spree will be paid for by the largest tax increase in American history,” added McKinley. “Just as bad as the price tag and massive tax increases, are the far-left priorities included within. The bill aims to eliminate coal and natural gas from our energy mix. It will raise energy costs on families and businesses. It will result in more government-controlled health care and removes protections against taxpayer funding of abortion.

“The Democrats are rushing the largest single bill in history through the House without any hearing or opportunity for bipartisan input,” said McKinley. “We were given barely 72 hours to review the 2700-page bill before considering it in committee. Every single Republican amendment was voted down on party lines. This bill is a poster child of a broken political process. America deserves better.” 



To watch McKinley’s opening statement at the beginning of the markup, click here.

During the committee markup, Republicans offered 57 amendments, all of which were defeated by the Democrat majority.

McKinley offered three amendments:

  • Prohibiting using taxpayer money for products made with critical minerals produced by the Taliban: watch his remarks here.
  • Expressing support for nuclear energy as the most significant reliable source of carbon-free electricity: watch his remarks here.
  • Ensuring no funding to implement the report by a handpicked White House environmental justice advisory committee which recommended: No funding for carbon capture projects or CO2 infrastructure; No funding for advanced nuclear projects; No funding for highways; No funding for research and development on coal, natural gas, and oil.
  • Watch his remarks here.

To view McKinley’s remarks opposing the natural gas tax included in the bill, click here.

To watch McKinley’s statement on the importance of a bipartisan approach to climate issues that focuses on energy innovation, click here.

To view McKinley’s statement about prioritizing mental health and substance abuse professionals in rural areas, click here.

The Democrats blocked dozens of other common-sense amendments to:

  • Stop their plan to phase out electricity from coal and natural gas by 2035.   
  • Prohibit the use of any critical minerals that were mined using child and slave labor in a foreign country, including in China.
  • Prohibit grants to entities controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Stop a tax on farmers and ranchers and make food like meat and dairy products more expensive
  • Exempt critical military installations from their natural gas tax
  • Prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion.
  • Ensure cities that defund the police can’t be rewarded with federal dollars.
  • Prevent money from teaching divisive Critical Race Theory in schools

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