McKinley Votes Against Massive Socialist Spending Plan

Budget Paves Way for Amnesty for Illegals, Restrictions on Coal and Natural Gas, Trillions in Tax Increases

Today, Congressman David McKinley voted against a massive budget resolution that would lead to $3.5 trillion in immediate spending and trillions in tax hikes.

“This plan is grossly irresponsible and would harm West Virginia families and the country as a whole,” said McKinley. “This Bernie Sanders-designed tax and spending scheme would increase the debt, impose a massive tax increase on millions of Americans, and trigger even more inflation.” 

“As if the reckless spending isn’t enough, the plan also includes a laundry list of far-left policies – amnesty for illegal immigrants, restrictions on coal and natural gas, an expansion of government-controlled health care, and free college, among others,” said McKinley. “This plan has been called ‘transformative’ by Speaker Pelosi, and it would radically alter America’s economy into a European-style socialist system.”

“In 1996 President Bill Clinton proclaimed that the era of big government was over,” said McKinley. “Speaker Pelosi and Washington Democrats have now decided to return to that tax and spend era. This massive expansion of government into our lives will be a disaster for West Virginia and for America and must be stopped.”    



This budget paves the way for a $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree that would devastate working families and small businesses, lead to record high inflation that will drive up prices and undermine wages, add trillions of dollars to the national debt, and enact reckless socialist policies. 

Highlights of the spending plan include:

·         $100 billion for amnesty to address “lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants.”


·         Mandates on energy that will destroy coal and natural gas jobs, raise electricity costs for households, and do nothing to impact the climate.


·         Imposes socialist healthcare plans that would control access to medicines and result in fewer new drugs being developed.


·         Raises the corporate tax rate to a level higher than most industrialized nations and includes a multi-trillion tax increase on small businesses and family farms.


·         “Free” community college-tuition for two years, paid for by tax increases on hard-working families.

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