McKinley Probes FERC Commissioners on Arbitrary Standards for Climate Change

Washington, DC – In March, the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC) took an unprecedented step by assessing a proposed natural gas pipeline’s contribution to climate change for the first time ever. 


In prior comments, Commissioner Chatterjee had stated, “FERC is not an environmental regulator. We have neither the expertise nor the authority to weigh in on how to best curb emissions.” Commissioner Danley had also commented, “Whether projects emissions have a significant effect on climate change is not within our expertise. The regulation of air emissions is delegated to the EPA, not the commission.”


So, in today’s Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearing, Rep. McKinley challenged FERC Commissioners on their regulatory overreach of using climate change to determine whether construction of a natural gas pipeline could be denied.


“As an example, a West Virginia gas well operator has a customer in North Carolina; the pipeline firm complied with all environmental assessments to connect the two, but now another layer has been added and the project could be denied by three of five members of FERC for allowing the gas to be burned and thereby increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.” McKinley said, “Of course, without carbon capture there will be an increase that will elevate the Green House Gas emissions, so as a result the industry loses certainty.  Will FERC approve their project or not? Regulations should not be subjective.”


Once again, we are seeing that the Biden Administration is trying to end the use of fossil fuels in America, and they are using a panel of unelected Washington bureaucrats to do it.


To view Rep. McKinley’s entire exchange with the FERC Commissioners, click here.

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