ICYMI: McKinley Pushes Back Against Extreme Energy Proposals

Democrat policies will weaken the electric grid and result in loss of American jobs

WASHINGTON D.C. – Yesterday the House Energy and Commerce Committee held two hearings focused on energy policies that would weaken the nation’s grid reliability and result in American job losses.

The first hearing of the day focused on why the Texas electric grid failed during extreme weather conditions in February. The second hearing focused on the CLEAN Future Act, a partisan Democrat bill that aims to reach net-zero carbon emissions in the power sector by 2035 through the elimination of fossil fuels, and the entire economy by 2050.   

During the first hearing, Representative David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-W.Va) focused on the energy grid and how Texas along with other parts of the country that have experienced situations when their grid has been stressed due to extreme weather. McKinley made the point that there’s a consensus among experts that coal and nuclear power are necessary to maintain a resilient and reliable energy grid:

MCKINLEY: “A 2020 National Security Council memo stated that “secure on-site fuel supply, specifically coal and nuclear are essential to the nation’s critical energy infrastructure.” A 2018 report from the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) said without the resilience of coal, the Eastern U.S. would have suffered widespread blackouts during the 2018 bomb cyclone. An ISO-New England report said their ‘most significant resilience challenge is fuel security” and coal and nuclear power plants ‘are needed to maintain reliability…”

SHELLENBERGER: “…You’re absolutely spot on, you must have fuel availability. This is essential for any kind of disaster and resilience, which is recovery from power outages, and extreme events. You know – if we’re going to shut down all of our nuclear plants, which is 20% of our electricity, then we better keep our coal plants around.”

Listen to Representative McKinley’s Full Remarks

During the second hearing on the CLEAN Future Act, McKinley focused on the importance of including fossil fuels in energy mix. Democrats want to eliminate fossil fuels entirely in an attempt to achieve net-zero emissions and this would have a disastrous impact on energy producing states. McKinley stated that Democrats are forgetting about the people they’re hurting in the process:

“What people are doing, they’re ignoring the impact it’s going to have on jobs, what the impact it’s going to have on people, economies. We can use the infrastructure we have within our power grid and we just clean it up and use it that way. That’s a more practical approach than taking this alternative and throwing out our natural gas and coal fired power plants.”

Listen to Representative McKinley’s Full Remarks


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