Congressman says drug prices have got to go down, so does the misuse of opioids

Drug prices in the United States are nearly four times the average price in other countries. Which is one reason Congressman David McKinley chose to run for congress again this election. 

He says if passed, legislation 3-40 B will be a way to drive drug prices down in the U.S. Thus– providing more affordable health care. 

Although this is important to McKinley– there’s a more pressing issue at the forefront of his campaign, and that– starts with the misuse of prescription drugs like opioids.  

It’s going to wind up still taking the lives of two to three times more than COVID. So, while we’re treating COVID with all the attention and medicine that we can possibly throw at it, keeping our social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizer– people are still dying on drugs.


He said he’s proud of the work West Virginia has done in relation to the Coronavirus, but we still have a large problem that’s killing our younger generation. And that’s what we need to keep a focus on. 

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