Congressman David McKinley reacts to stimulus bill being shut down

Looking to West Virginia now where Congressman David McKinley has voiced his opinion on what went down today with the stimulus bill.

He says — although he wasn’t a part of the conversation today between Secretary Steven Mnuchin and congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, he knows the approach to the bill was not a good one.

He claims the main problem with this bill was that Nancy Pelosi’s approach in the house was purely partisan. Whereas before this, most decisions made concerning the coronavirus with bi-partisan.
He also says some of the provisions of the bill were not ideal

They were just diametrically opposite of what a businessman or business approach would be towards it. Things like 600 dollars until April of next year and get in addition to unemployment and not work. 1,200 dollars to illegal immigrants for their healthcare needs. Some of those issues were just too large and too much of a burden.

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