House Democrat Leadership Continue to Play Partisan Politics

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Washington, July 24, 2020 | comments
WASHINGTON, D.C. —Nearly a year ago, House Democrat leadership agreed to a two-year budget deal with Republicans that included an agreement to prohibit controversial provisions added onto spending bills. Not even one year later, the Democrat House Majority under Speaker Pelosi have turned their back on the agreement, blowing through agreed-upon spending caps, and using spending bills to promote taxpayer funding of abortion, undermine border security, and attack coal and natural gas.

As a result, U.S. Representative David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-W.Va.) voted no on the first funding package in the House today, and will oppose any spending bills that abandon spending limits and include far-left policies.

“This is just the latest example of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats continuing to play politics rather than focusing on getting something done,” said McKinley. “They can’t be trusted. Instead of staying true to the bipartisan agreement, Speaker Pelosi chose to continue to play partisan games.”

Even the Ranking Republican Member of the House Appropriations Committee, Representative Kay Granger(R-TX) said, “The bipartisan budget agreement that was made last year has been completely ignored. Not only do these bills increase deficit spending, they include reckless partisan language. Our national security is jeopardized, pro-life protections are reversed, American energy production is threatened, and job-crushing regulations are added. I cannot support bills that fail to keep this country safe and that threaten our economic recovery.”


The first budget package (H.R. 7608), includes for the fiscal year 2021 funding bills for State and Foreign Operations; Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food and Drug Administration; Interior and Environment; and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bills.

Some highlights of H.R. 7608 include:

  • Providing over $37 billion as “emergency spending”
  • $15 billion is for the Democrats’ partisan infrastructure bill
  • $10 billion is for coronavirus relief, even though the Democrats passed a $3 trillion supplemental
  • Prohibiting Trump Administration reforms to reduce regulatory burdens.
  • Recklessly limiting America’s domestic energy production by restricting oil and gas production and preventing new offshore energy exploration and prohibiting the mining of metals in northern Minnesota.
  • Permanently preventing this and any future Administration from making changes to welfare programs that simply require working age, non-disabled adults without children to go back to work in times of low unemployment.
  • Not funding the border wall.
  • Placing restrictions on the President’s ability to secure our border.
  • Failing to properly fund ICE and detention of illegal immigrants.
  • Placing conditions on state and local law enforcement to receive grant funding and advances the “defund the police” agenda.
  • Including over $200 billion in “emergency” spending to fund Democrats’ partisan infrastructure programs.


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