Office of Rep. David B. McKinley Hits Constituent Milestone

Since Taking Office, McKinley’s Office Has Helped Over 8,000 First District Residents Resolve Issues Before the Federal Government

Washington, DC – The office of Congressman David B. McKinley, P.E., (R-W.Va.) recently completed and opened over 8,000 constituent cases. When a constituent needs help with a federal agency, whether it’s securing benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs or more recently helping secure Economic Impact Payments from the IRS, McKinley’s staff has stepped in to help them find a resolution to their issue.

“Reaching a milestone this big is an not easy task, and I want to take a moment and thank our dedicated Caseworkers: Linda Wooldridge and Jillian Kinder in Morgantown and Robert “Bob” Villers in Parkersburg. From the time a call comes in from a constituent who needs help, they’re on the ball. They’re vigilant and don’t take “no” for an answer from a federal agency. They have been so successful in their constituent advocacy that they often have people from outside of the district calling them for help.

“Whether it was the senior citizen whose power chair purchase we helped get approved by Medicare or the veteran’s widow who we helped get thousands more per month in her survivor benefits and a significant back payment; Linda, Jillian, and Bob have been quietly working behind the scenes to ensure that our office keeps its’ commitment to public service.

“Our office is here to serve the First District, and we look forward to the next 8,000 cases we can help resolve,” said Rep. McKinley.



In addition to resolving over 8,000 constituent cases, McKinley has:

·        Secured $4,501,860.82 in benefits for veterans.

·        Held 2275 constituent meetings in the district.

·        Secured books for schools and non-profits from the Library of Congress Surplus Book Program.

·        Helped secure grants for disaster relief, Brownfields sites, sheriff offices and fire stations.

·        Held summits in the district to educate the public on issues like cybersecurity, energy research, healthcare, efforts to combat the opioid epidemic and driverless vehicles.

·        Hosted job fairs to help connect constituents with the district’s largest employers.

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