U.S. House bill pushes non-opioid alternatives

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Washington, November 21, 2019 | comments

U.S. representatives from West Virginia and Alabama have introduced a bill to expand access for seniors to non-opioid alternatives.

The Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation Act eases the barriers to non-opioid pain management for seniors enrolled in Medicare, according to Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va.

The bill would address payment disincentives for practitioners to prescribe non-opioid treatment alternatives in surgical settings by requiring the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to place non-opioid treatments on par with other separately paid drugs and devices in Medicare Part B.

“Currently, our healthcare payment system is unnecessarily encouraging the use of opioids,” McKinley said. “Our bill would ensure that CMS does not disincentivize the use of innovative non-opioid drugs and devices to treat and manage pain. While pain management for all patients should be handled individually, opioids should not be the first or only option given.”

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