Energy & Commerce Innovation Showcase Highlights Touchstone Industries

Showcase Features Local Solutions to Energy Delivery, Emissions Reductions, and Economic Growth

Today, Representative David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-W.Va.) joined with Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans in hosting an innovation showcase featuring companies, educational institutions, and other organizations from 18 congressional districts across the United States, Touchstone Research Lab in Triadelphia, West Virginia was chosen to represent West Virginia’s First District. 

TouchStone produces CFOAM, an inexpensive, lightweight, fire-resistant, impact absorbing structural material, made from coal in a cost-effective process. CFOAM is used to meet the growing demand for ultra-high-performance engineering materials in the military, industrial, and aerospace markets.

“Rather than simply banning or doing away with fossil fuels, America should be leading the charge with innovative way to utilize them cleanly. Companies like TouchStone, Net Power, and others featured at today’s showcase are going to have a major role in our energy future.” Rep. McKinley said. “I’m thrilled that TouchStone was able to be a part of today’s showcase, and I look forward to showing other members just one of the great companies doing research in our state.”

Rep. McKinley and Touchstone President and CEO Brian Joseph

The showcase was used to highlight the importance of investing in the development and deployment of breakthrough technologies to reduce emissions, power the economy of tomorrow, and provide greater value to American consumers. Click here for a full list of participants.

Rep. David McKinley,Touchstone President and CEO Brian Joseph,
Rep. LarryBucshon (R-Ind.),andTouchstone R&D Director Brian Gordon

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